What is the difference between old marketing and multi level marketing?

old vs multi-level-marketing

Do you want to know what is the difference between old marketing and multi level marketing? When Internet usage was not very popular. So there was a need to move from one store to the other shop to take goods directly. For which the customer had to pay the value of the item fixed by the shopkeeper. On which the shopkeeper used to pay the rent to his shop, the salary of his salesmen, etc. also on the customers. But despite all this, even though the customer pays double the amount of money to buy, the customer still does not have the guarantee of the quality of his baggage.
Apart from this, a fact has come out.

It is that when the company or factory passes through the propagation of the goods till the goods reach the customers through the transport through the seller. In which the customers have to pay commissions as well. In addition, the expenditure on promotions of the product made by the company falls into the customer’s pocket.

Network Marketing / MLM

Network marketing, or even say that since the business of multi-level marketing has come into the market, the network marketing has gained a lot of support from the network. Traditionally, in traditional marketing, customers were bribed through the accessories. But multi-level marketing is delivered to the customer without any interference. Because of this, the product that comes from multi-level marketing leads to lower prices than the market price. That is because the customer does not have to compensate for the expenses incurred by the company in the promotion of its product.

In multi-level marketing, you do not have to wander from shop to shop, or from one store to another, to buy anything. Only after sitting at home can buy the goods, which does not have to pay any extra value. Apart from this MLM has made it easy for people to do business too. Network marketing helps you to reach your goal, without any intervention or through any means.

Not only that, traditional means that marketing of old systems, to take the franchisees of any branded company, the company has to go according to many rules, and also have to pay security money as a guarantee.

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