What is Ponzi scheme and how it works?


Ponzi scheme or fraud has not started since now but it has been running since the year. The Ponzi scheme was born in Italy, with a person named Chalès Požani. Who had earlier laid the foundations of its fraud business from Italy Canada and America. The innocent people got trapped in their Clutches. Along with this, after being cheated from one place, changing the city from time to time and choosing to select other people.

It is to be mentioned that the Ponzi Scheme was included in the English Dictionary of Oxford in 1964. In the Ponzi Scheme, people invest money by believing that they can earn more money in less time. So that when the people involved in the beginning. Because those people benefit from the investment of other investors. The same people get more money to earn more profits by greed, after which the operator gets all the money afterward.

They cheat people with Email and send messages

The first of the Ponzi schemes opens the new company, in which they place two to four people in the company or on a commission basis. And the work of those agents is that the people tell about the company’s scheme. Those agents who tell the data through other means of sending them to the phone or sending them an e-mail, have to tell a breathtaking schema that if you deposit so much money you will get double the amount of money within that time. And they are asked to join their newly-established company and will benefit from other benefits without getting delayed.

They are active in the market by changing the company’s name and state.

After finishing the fraud with a state-run scheme, he changed his position. Along with this, the thugs change the name of the company and go to other states and open a new company with the new name, then they start the business of fraud.

This thug is constantly active in different states by changing the name. Therefore, such people do not come to the bluff and always be right.

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