Selection criteria for Network Marketing

The success of the business lies in the right selection of a right company. So, this section gives a brief account of the criteria a network marketer should follow before starting the business as a network marketer. With the help of criteria selection, a network marketer can easily choose amongst the marketing companies which provide him enough opportunities to earn more. It also describes the strategies a network marketer should adopt to earn more.

It is important to make the chosen business opportunity a success rather a great success as far as possible. It becomes important to find out the viability of any business opportunity. The network marketing fails quite often if the selected business is not chosen with proper care and diligence.

It is necessary to understand and analyse various aspects regarding the opportunity, its start-up and running costs. One should also keep in mind the aspects of a network marketing company, its overall policies, its compensation plans, training programs, quality of products and services, before choosing a company which may appear right from the point of view of earning residual income. So one needs to be prudent enough to select the companies with which one has to deal with and deal for.

Those companies should be chosen for the business opportunity which have integrity and are always prepared to extend full support to entire up line or down line distributors, stand behind their products and services, and give some training or education for this business. Those companies should be selected that have solid and qualitative product or service which one can use and talk about with some special or unique feature, a genuine and long term need in the market. It should also have a large untapped market for products and services it is offering. One should also analyse that the products are not overpriced unless it is unique product or an exclusive patented product.

Those companies should be only accepted that have good and proper management, have duplicable business system which can be used by the network marketer, distribution driven policy, that is, the company takes its decisions keeping its distributors or salesperson in mind and has promising and fair compensation plans which are rewarding to both the full time and the part time distributor, while qualification or individual quotas are well fixed. Those companies should be opted which have clarity about their mission and have a mission statement with ethical standards and values, are honest and disclose about their ownership, financial strength, and product development, so also the companies that are well capitalized and have enough of liquidity for meeting infrastructure needs, recruiting competent people and keeping themselves technologically advanced. The network marketer should investigate its up line from the point of view of its ethics and leadership skills. In fact the up line should be chosen in the same manner as one would do for choosing a partner.

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