What is Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing

Network Marketing Learning Outcomes

This lesson gives you the basic understanding of the business opportunity –what is network marketing. This is the opportunity by which one can become self employed and can earn the additional income besides one’s original income. It also apprises you of the fundamental reasons for the emergence of network marketing in eighties and nineties. The section makes you aware of the different meanings that network marketing connotes. This also brings out the salient features of this concept and explains how it works.
After you have read this, you should be able to

  • Understand the concept of network marketing;
  • Identify the products that can be sold through network marketing;
  • Explain how network marketing works;
  • Identify the industry leaders and the different forms of network marketing;
  • Distinguish between network marketing and direct marketing/selling;
  • Appreciate the reasons of its growth;
  • Explain the strategies for successful network marketing;
  • Develop the skill to build a network marketing business;
  • Value the network marketing as a business opportunity.

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Network Marketing Introduction

During last few years, Indian economic growth has been tremendous and spurt in manufacturing has lead to great economic and social changes. The spirit of entrepreneurship is predominantly influencing the nation’s interest. In order to earn more profits, people now a day are exploring new avenues and entrepreneurial opportunities. Network marketing is one of the emerging contemporary trends that exist in business environment. It provides opportunities to start and run home-based business to every aspiring person. Even a person without any experience can start this small business.
Network marketing is a small business which offers everyone who aspires to be successful opportunities to start his own business. No formal education is required to start such business. So everyone can start this business even with full time job.
Today, network marketing is an industry having huge turnover all over the world. Millions of people are associated with various marketing companies as independent marketers.

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