What are the Benefits of Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral?


Suppose that the use of multivitamin can be beneficial to one extent to meet the deficiencies of food, but these can never be a healthy alternative to diet. Researchers say that taking a tablet of multivitamin daily can increase memory and reduce mental disorders. Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral provides all essential vitamins needed to develop and maintain a healthy life.

Nowadays, most people begin their day with multivitamin pills instead of nutritious snacks. They believe that multivitamin pills make the body full of nutritious deficiency, increase energy and make them beautiful. But is that right? Suppose that multivitamin use can be beneficial to one extent to meet the deficiencies of food, but they can never be the option of a healthy diet.

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Why use Multivitamin:-

Researchers found that taking multivitamin tablets has a positive effect on memory because it increases the capability of brain cells. Vitamins are needed for proper development of the body. Among these, Vitamin A, C, D, E, and K are important contributors to the development of the body. This study has been done at the Monash University of Australia. More than 3200 men and women were included in this study.

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Our balanced diet requires carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrate and fat are easily found in our diet, but the exact amount of vitamins and minerals that provide protection from all the diseases is not available. The main sources of vitamins and minerals are fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs. Today, when we talk about fruits and vegetables, research suggests-
17 percent of people do not eat any kind of vegetable.

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If potato and salad are left, then 50 percent of the people do not eat any type of vegetable. Only 10 percent of people consumed fruit juices. 60 percent of the people do not eat any fruit. If fresh salad and chopped fruits and vegetables are kept for more than 3 hours, then 40 percent to 50 percent nutrients are reduced. It means that we cannot find all the essential vitamins and minerals. We can overcome all these vitamin deficiency by using Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral.

Types of vitamins

Vitamins are 13 types and all vitamins are divided into two main parts. One part is “fat soluble” and the second part is called “water soluble”. Vitamins that are soluble in fat dissolve in the body fat and which are soluble in water, dissolve in water present in the body. Both types of vitamins work together. Fat-soluble vitamins enter the blood of the body and give it energy and the vitamins dissolve in the water becomes frozen out in the water by the kidneys. There are nine vitamins in four fat-soluble vitamins and vitamins that dissolve in water.

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Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral

Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral provides the necessary nutrients that help in bridging the nutritional gap. It provides 12 essential vitamins, 11 important minerals with additional benefits of phytonutrients and amino acids that are essential for the growth, maintenance, and repair of the body.

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Features of Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral

  • Provides the necessary nutrients that help in bridging the nutritional gap
  • Provides 12 essential vitamins & 11 important minerals
  • Provides 6 important phytonutrients & 2 amino acids
  • Contains “Piperine” that helps increase bioavailability of nutrients

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Modicare Well Multivitamin Multimineral is a food supplement and is not indented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. People with specific medical conditions, pregnant and lactating women are recommended to consult their doctor before taking the dietary supplement.

Not recommended for children below 12 years

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