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Vestige Calcium Benefits, Dosage, Uses Tablets Price and Reviews

In this article, we will discuss Vestige Calcium benefits, dosage, and reviews. It helps in building and maintaining strong and healthy bones. As we know, calcium is very important for our body bones. Vestige Calcium tablets not only provide strength to our bones but also to our teeth’s. It also contains vitamin which is very helpful for our daily life. It contains vitamin D3 which helps to increase bone density and reduce the chance of fracture. It also helps in osteoporosis, especially in women and children.

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We need more calcium for our bones healthy. There are lots of sources of calcium inside nature, as you can use singhara, you can take radish. But in this world of adventure, we do not eat these things. In this case, we need food supplementation. Vestige Calcium contains vitamin D3, due to which it is completely absorbed in the bones. And it does not contain much quantity inside our body. Calcium, which is available in the market, is actually calcium sodium. And the calcium in Vestige is calcium carbonate, which has the advantage that it does not accumulate in the body. And it goes inside your bone, fulfills what it needs. It is suitable for the development and density of the bone. In that case, you can trust Vestige Calcium as it is prepared on the basis of many standards.

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Basic Sources of calcium

The major sources of calcium include milk, cheese, curd, and eggs. In addition, calcium in special quantities is found in fruits and vegetables. Calcium is found in guava, betel nut, pomegranate, grapes, banana, melon, jamun, mango, orange, pineapple, papaya, litchi, apple, and mulberry. Calcium is found in beet, lemon, spinach, beta, brinjal, tinda, tray, garlic, carrot, lady beetle, tomato, mint, green coriander, bitter gourd, arbi, radish, and cabbage. Not only this, calcium is also found in almonds, pistachios, apricots, dates such as dried fruits, moth, gram, rajma, and soybean.

But due to the busy schedule, we can’t eat all these so we need some supplement which can overcome the deficiency of calcium. Vestige Calcium is the perfect supplement to fulfill all your needs.

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Symptoms of Calcium deficiency

Bones weaken

The first and foremost symptom of calcium deficiency is the weakness of the bones. In such a situation, the bones of the children begin to weaken first. If there is a lack of calcium in the body, it can easily break the bone. Also in the muscles, there is acidity and pain too. In some extreme cases, there is a possibility of a disease called rickets.

Tooth weaken

Calcium deficiency is clearly visible on teeth. The tooth root is the first symptom. If there is a shortage of calcium in childhood, then the baby’s teeth will grow after a long time.

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Nail weakness

Calcium is needed for strong nails. So when your body lacks calcium, the nails become very weak and they start to rupture. If so, then understand that there is a shortage of calcium in your body.

Adolescence delayed youth

If there is a delay in puberty in adolescents and menstrual disorder, then it may be a sign of calcium deficiency. In such a situation, many teenagers may suffer a lot before the monthly.


Hair fall

Hair loss starts when calcium deficiency is found when its correct dose is not found. Hair becomes stiff and stiffness in them. If such symptoms are visible then check the calcium deficiency too.(Read More)

Be Tired

If a person feels fatigue all the time, then he is probably going through a lack of calcium. This is because, when there is a pain in bone and muscles in the body, it starts to feel tired. Due to low calcium, there are also some symptoms of not having sleep, fear, and worry.

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Benefits of Vestige Calcium

1. Make the bones strong

Calcium strengthens the backbone of the spine, and gives the body the right shape and reduces the pain of the back. Calcium maintains bones in the right shape and preserves many problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

2. Prevents obesity

Calcium efficiently helps to maintain body weight in both men and women. If the body is deficient in calcium, the body releases parathyroid hormone, causing the bones to release calcium into the bloodstream. It keeps the calcium balance in the body.

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3. Security of Cardiac Mussels

Calcium protects the heart muscles. The correct amount of calcium relief is given in the contraction of heart muscles. Calcium helps in the control of the nervous system’s arteries pressure. Excess cellular calcium is needed to contract cardiac mumps. (Read More)

4. Rescue from colon cancer

Calcium in the right amount prevents the risk of cancer and suppresses the growth of polyps, due to which it is cancerous. Calcium-rich foods also reduce the risk of tumors and adenomas. It is known for cancer but it does not completely eliminate its risk. After the use of essential calcium in the body, extra calcium remains in the intestine.

5. Prevention of menstrual depression

The correct amount of calcium is prevented from menstruating symptoms such as depression, lethargy, mood swings, hypertension. Calcium affects the discharge of hormones, which is responsible for changes in behavior before menstruation. It also includes depression and erasure.

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6. Ensure healthy alkaline pH level

Junk food, an excessive amount of sugar intake, preserves food items to become acid in the body. It gives rise to many diseases such as cancer, kidney stones, and hypertension etc. Calcium Healthy regulates pH level and improves overall health.

7. Controls blood pressure

The healthy diet eliminates hypertension (DASH), it is a typical American diet, which has been compared to fruit, vegetable, and calcium. The results show that taking calcium reduces blood pressure. Overall, taking the right amount of fruits and vegetables or controlling blood pressure is the correct amount of calcium.

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8. Keeping gums and teeth healthy

Calcium whole life keeps your jaw strong, which makes the grip of the teeth strong and the bacteria do not grow too. Therefore before you have a problem with teeth or gums, you should take a diet rich in calcium. If calcium is taken in high quantity in your youth, your children grow naturally with a strong tooth.

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