Unbelievable benefits of Modicare agriculture products

benefits of Modicare agriculture products

India is primarily an agricultural country. What can be the better way to salute our farmers than to introduce a product for them? Here you will find the Features and Benefits of Modicare Agriculture products Active -80. Active – 80 is highly concentrated with 80% active ingredients.

Why Modicare Agriculture Range

  • Product are developed under R&D support from Market leaders.
  • Product s are tested on various crops and vegetation by various Agriculture Universities.
  • We offer Versatile products for different needs.

About Pesticides

Herbicide: A material used primarily for the control of weeds. Herbicides are used in five general ways:

  • Preplanting stage: Applied to the soil after it has been prepared for seeding.
  • Preemergence (Contact): Non – residual dosages are added after seeding but before the emergence of the crop seedlings.
  • Preemergence (Residual): Applied at time of seeding or Just prior to crop emergence; kills weed seeds and germinating seedlings.
  • PostemergenceApplication after emergence of a crops.
  • Sterilant (Nonselective): Used to effect a complete kill of All treated plant life.

Insecticide: Insecticides are used primarily for the control of insects.The various insecticides fall into six general categories:

  • Stomach: Toxic quantities are ingested by the insect.
  • Contact: Kills upon contact with an external portion of the body.
  • Residual contact: Remains toxic to insects for long periods after application.
  • Fumigant: Possesses sufficient natural or induced vapor pressure to produce lethal concentrations.
  • Repellent: Does not kill but is distasteful enough to insects to keep them away from treated areas.
  • Systemic: Capable of being absorbed into the plant system where they make plant parts insecticidal.


  • Fungicides are used on farm crops,preferably as protective rather than curative treatments applied to the surface of the plant in water suspensions or dusts before attack of a fungus.
  • Deciduous fruit trees and numerous vegetable crops and ornamentals, as well as germinating seeds, are usually subject to attack unless protected.
  • Fungicides include inorganic forms of copper and sulfur, mercury, and metallic complexes of cadmium, chromium, and zinc along with a wide variety of organic compounds and Materials used in control of specific plant diseases.Use of some metallic compounds, especially mercurials, is now forbidden in many countries because of the hazard of poisonous residues.
  • Some organic fungicides are systemic in action,absorbed and distributed within the plant.

Fertilizer, Foliar, Defoliators

  • Fertilizer: Any natural or manufactured material added to the soil in order to supply one or more plant nutrients. The term is generally applied to manufactured materials other than lime or gypsum.
  • Foliar Application: Application of a chemical preparation to the leaves or foliage of plants.
  • Defoliators: Chemicals used to curb the growth of leaves.

What Is Active-80?

  • Active – 80 is a universal nonionic spray adjuvant concentrate .
  • It is a Activator – Wetter – Spreader for Pesticides.
  • Active – 80 when added to pesticide mixture ( fungicides, herbicides and insecticides) , foliar fertilizers, defoliators, and plant nutrients increases their performance and effectiveness.
  • It helps them in better control of insects, weeds and disease on crops.

How Active-80 Improves the Performance of Pesticides?

  • For a pesticide to perform its function properly,a spray droplet must be able to wet the foliage and spread out uniformly over a leaf so that maximum area of leaf is covered and the pesticide reaches its target. Does it really happens? No
  • Spray droplets bead up on the leaf surface particularly on Waxy and hairy leaves which does not wet the foliage and spread out uniformly.
  • This Is due to surface tension between spray droplet and leaf surface.
  • By mixing Active – 80 with the pesticide solution,it reduces the surface tension and prevents beading of droplets.
  • It increases the wet ability and uniform coverage of the pesticide and helps it to reach its target resulting in better performance of the pesticides.

Active-80 in Herbicides

  • Active-80 plays an important role in contact and translocating herbicides
  • Since contact herbicide kills only the part of the plant they cover, therefore improved coverage is necessary
  • The wetting and dispersing action of Active-80 helps the contact type herbicides to prolong their action and prevents them from being washed away
  • Active-80 when used with translocating herbicides breaks the surface tension present on waxy and hairy surfaces and facilitate penetration of herbicides deep in the leaf

Active-80 in Fungicides and Insecticides

  • Active-80 when used with fungicides and insecticides acts as a good spreader and increases the coverage for controlling fungus and insects.
  • It assists in spreading insecticide and fungicide as much on the Plant surface so that the insect and fungus can be reached quickly in order to prevent greater damage to the plant.
  • For the wetting and penetration action on waxy and hairy surfaces and for rapid absorption and translocation of pesticides, Active-80 performs excellent.

Active-80 in Irrigation

  • Active-80 can be used as an effective irrigation aid.
  • Active-80 when used with water reduces surface tension and makes the soil to absorb the water deep and fast.

Features and Benefits of Modicare agriculture products Active-80

Concentrated Formula

  • Active-80 is highly concentrated with 80% active ingredients.
  • It is a special formula with Rheology Modifiers.
  • The high concentration of active ingredients makes it extremely powerful and results In better functioning of pesticides.
  • The high performance reduces the repeated use of pesticides and helps the
    farmer in saving money.

Non Ionic in Nature

  • Active-80 is nonionic i.e there is no particle charge.
  • They do not ionize in water therefore suitable with most pesticides.
  • They are chemically Inactive in the presence of usual salts and chemicals.
  • They Perform in hard and warm water also.


  • In addition to the surfactant in the formulation, a suitable wetter has been added which increase the efficiency of Active-80 as an activator/carrier.
  • Further, suitable additives have been added to the formulation to ensure uniform spreading of the agricultural molecule on the substrate.
  • These qualities make Active-80 a better bargain for farmers Who can reduce and utilize their pesticide in an Economical way.

Completely safe & Non Phytotoxic

  • Active-80 is non phytotoxic.
  • It does not harm or burn the crops.
  • The product has been tested and found to be completely safe.

Compatible, Non Corrosive

  • Active-80 facilitates uniform mixing with most pesticides, fertilizers, defoliators, powders,oil base liquids.
  • The universal application helps the farmer to save time and money by avoiding Different pesticides with different surfactants.
  • The chemical composition of Active-80 is so made that it helps prevent rusting of spray tank and other equipment.
  • It further prevents clogging of nozzles and keeps the equipment clean.

How Active-80 Helps the Farmers

  • It helps the farmers in better and healthy crop yield.
  • It helps the farmer in efficient use of pesticides.
  • It helps the farmer in reducing pesticide use.
  • It helps in efficient use of water in irrigation.
  • Helps in greater moisture availability in root zone of plants.
  • It helps the farmer by saving time and money.

Where Active-80 can be used

Active-80 can be used wherever pesticides, fertilizers, defoliators, plant nutrients are being applied. It can be used for

  • Agricultural purpose
  • Horticulture
  • In golf courses,
  • In household plants,
  • In nurseries,
  • In kitchen gardens , etc

Directions for Use

  • Mix required quantity of Active-80 with 15 liters of water.
  • To this solution add recommended doses of the pesticide as per pesticide label instruction.
  • Mix thoroughly.

Note :Read pesticide labels carefully for specific mixing instructions.

Safety Precautions and First Aid

Safety Precautions : Keep out from reach of children. Avoid eye contact.Avoid breathing spray mist. Avoid skin contact. Recommended to wear goggles, face mask and gloves while spraying.

First Aid: If swallowed accidentally induce vomiting and call a physician. If it gets into eyes flush with plenty of water and gets medical attention. For skin contact, wash with soap and water.

Storage Direction

  • Combustible Liquid. Do not expose to direct sunlight and excess heat. Store in a cool place.
  • Always close the bottle when not in use.

Cost Per Use

  • For Fungicides, Insecticides, Foliar fertilizers, defoliators and Plant Nutrients.
    One bottle of 500ml of Active – 80 will be sufficient for 100 spray tanks of 15 liter capacity
    Cost per use – Rs 4.25 per spray tank
  • For Herbicides One bottle of 500ml of Active – 80 will be sufficient for 25 spray tanks of 15 liters capacity
    Cost per use – Rs. 17 per spray tank
  • In Irrigation: One bottle of 500 ml will be sufficient for more than 3 acres.
    Cost per use – Rs. 136 per acre

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