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Tiens Group Co. Ltd (thus abbreviated as Tiens Group), established in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin China, started its walk into the worldwide market in 1997. This article is to introduce you to the Tiens product price list. Today Tiens Group has turned into a worldwide aggregate in fields like bio-tech, training, retail, the travel industry, fund, global exchange and e-business, and so on. What’s more, with its business coming to more than 190 nations, Tiens Group has set up branches in 110 nations and districts and has set up key unions with best rank endeavors from numerous nations.

The expanded items created by Tiens Group, for example, wellbeing nourishment, human services machines, skincare applications and family items, are making a top notch life for in excess of 20 million families around the globe and have helped them to appreciate wellbeing, joy, magnificence and fortune.
Tiens Group has been clung to its altruistic theory of “starting from society and in this way adding to society” and has been effectively going up against corporate social duty. Tiens Group has given hitherto more than RMB 1.5 billion to open welfare and social foundations.

An amazing workforce of expert abilities, together with a limited and all around directed administration, has added to the universally key objectives of Tiens Group. What’s more Tiens Group has a magnificent universal group as far as research, advancement and demonstrable skill, including in excess of 8,000 representatives; 35% of which hold graduate degree or higher. The main aim of this company is to furnish worldwide purchasers with quality items and chances of instruction and increase their life quality, and make the general public agreeable.

The company manufactures products in four major classes. They are:

1. Food supplements: These are the products which are made to meet the needs of necessary nutrients in our body.

2. General equipment: General equipment includes the products of day to day needs. These products are very useful in everyday life.

3. Personal care: The personal care products are made keeping in mind the personal care regime of people.

4. Home care: The home care products are made to enhance the cleanliness and overall appeal of home.
We have provided a list of the latest product price list of this company so that you can gain a clarity before buying any product of this company. Read on to gain more information about the prices of these products.

Price List of TIENS Products

CategoryCodeProduct NameConsumer Price
Supplemen Kesehatan – Seri Pembersih004Jiang Zhi Tea150.000
010Chitin Chitosan493.000
011Double Cellulose293.000
014Grape Extract664.000
Supplemen Kesehatan – Seri Penyeimbang005Spirulina394.000
Supplemen Kesehatan – Seri Penguat001Nutrient Calcium Powder265.000
002Shutang Calcium Powder324.000
003Calcium Powder for Children279.000
012Calcium Chewable279.000
Alat Kesehatan281TIENS Health Mattress20.930.000
513TIENS ACU-LIFE Electro Acupuncture6.332.000
518TIENS Life Electro Acupuncture (Aculife)5.628.000
527Fruit And Vegetables Cleaner1.674.000
528Aura Energy Stone1.012.000
530Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus2.163.000
688Aura Energy Rubber Protection50.000
725TIENS Acupoints Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus5.233.000
726Ti Energy Bracelet Crystal Black (Man) 194mm2.740.000
727Ti Energy Bracelet Crystal Black (Man) 220mm2.740.000
728Ti Energy Bracelet Elegant Black (Man) 209mm2.740.000
729Ti Energy Bracelet Elegant Black (Man) 230mm2.740.000
730Ti Energy Bracelet Magic White (Woman) 185mm2.740.000
731Ti Energy Bracelet Magic White (Woman) 197mm2.740.000
732Ti Energy Bracelet Glaring Golden (Woman) 179mm2.740.000
733Ti Energy Bracelet Glaring Golden (Woman) 193mm2.740.000
Perawatan Rumah Tangga280DiCHO Multifunctional Cleanser (1 liter)69.000
462DiCHO Fruits & Vegetable / Dish Detergent72.000
558Diluting Bottle DiCHO (cap)10.000
Perawatan Pribadi276Revitize Ginger Strengthening Shampoo (250ml)62.000
278Revitize Ginger Strengthening Conditioner (250ml)69.000
279Spakare Mint Body Wash (500ml)100.000
555Herbal Toothpaste104.000
567Airiz Panty Liner66.000
568Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Day Use)49.000
569Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Night Use)48.000
Lainnya – Produk Otomotif454High Performance Motorcycle Oil143.000
Lainnya – Kebutuhan Pertanian459Feng Shou Pupuk 1 L118.000
461Feng Shou Pupuk 150 ml16.100
Alat Bantu Bisnis000Starterkit0
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