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Some common question and answer about RCM business.

What is special about RCM? Why are people not understanding its value?

RCM Business does not make us customer who makes us distributor, and distributor distributes products that happen. In general life, distributor means the party of several crores. Today, to get the distributorship of 850 products, you will have to deposit several crores of rupees in the market and you will get a commission of fifty to 75%. Today, if you take Bata’s agency in the market, at least in the market, Bata will also get the security of 25-30 lakhs and you will have to open the showroom in place, it should be a good place. And in this case, you will only give 5-10% margin. And here you are getting an 850 agency agenda for Rs 1500, so people do not understand its value.

RCM name did not hear before. How much money can earn in the RCM?

RCM never receives an ad for any product. Its advertisement which is to be advertised is the distributor of RCM. Any money that we get from RCM is available to advertise RCM products. If the company had to sell the merchandise only through advertisement, then we do not need it, why would we pay back the money, he can sell his merchandise by advertising any Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh. But the purpose and motive of the company is something else that wants to liberate every person of India from economic, so that is selling the goods through the direct selling method, then we have to do the ad.

What is RCM Business?

RCM is not a business! This is the way to buy a stuff. Till now, we only buy things by paying money, together with money.

RCM company’s goods are not good?

RCM is not a company! RCM is a brand built by Fashion Suitings Pvt Ltd! Just like RIN, hammam, lifebuoy, RCM is also a brand in the same way! This is life changing products which are products of RCM. To date, no one in the world has made any such product that can make a common man zero to hero. Making a poor person a millionaire, such a product does not make it till today, only RCM will fulfill these dreams. These products will fulfill your children’s dreams. These products will make you happy in life.

Does people have to add in RCM?

In RCM does not have to add people, but people themselves come here because the real products get! Even after paying more money to people, products are not guaranteed and people want real products! We have to inform the people that there is only one shop in RCM in India, where the company has come to give the cheapest and cheapest products to the company!.

How do I get money from RCM?

When a person buys products from the RCM shop then he gets some points along with this. Based on these points he gets commission.

People say that in RCM has to work harder?

In RCM does not have to work hard but shopping has to be done! Yes, if you want to become rich quickly and want to give your family a safe life, then we have to make a network of RCM.

Is RCM not an MLM!

Yes RCM is the real MLM. The people have been robbed by the name of MLM. Now the RCM will tell the world that what is the real MLM?

Then all of them do not understand? And why do not everyone take it?

RCM is the world’s best way to change life, but people do not believe in one! Secondly people have got used to hard work, they are not able to think about changing their life, they do not feel that they will become rich too! Third, this is the greatest boon for the human being sent to God till now.

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