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RCM network marketing

I can say here that RCM network marketing is a unique gift from God in all the gifts given to mankind in the history.

Maybe you know something about RCM, but today I want to give you some fair and important information about it. Which are essential for every human being today. I have full faith that you will surely like it.
Today RCM is working at a vast level throughout the country. After all, what are its aims? Well, it has very detailed objectives. But let’s talk briefly about its main three objectives.

First: – Healthcare

You know that healthy is the home of a healthy mind, but today our country is suffering from health problems. Millions of people get involved in the absence of information in the age of the cheeks. What they should eat, what should not be mine, they do not know. On the other hand, we keep listening to news about newspapers and TVs about adulterated substances. See how many homes are ruined today. RCM guarantees 100% of the accuracy and better quality of its products. Because its products do not meet in the common market, but only in their own outlet.

Second – Construction of new India

RCM works on the basis of ‘Survey Bhavantu Sukhin:‘.

In this, there is the hidden desire of every person, the entire society, the whole nation. It wants to give everything to every person who has the right to birth. Today, mutual fight-wars, riot-rage, communal-differences, caste-differences, like termites are being consumed by our society, ending it and supporting our mutual brotherhood, mutual cooperation. And for the upliftment of women’s power, there is a resolution. This is a method that teaches you to live for others. Every human being experiences a pride in doing this less.

Third: Independent

You all know that the biggest problems in our country today is poverty and unemployment. Today, most of the people are forced to live on the dependence and understanding of others. RCM is designed in such a way that every partner working in this mission can become self-reliant and at the same time help people to make self-self-reliant. Today, thousands of people working in this mission are living self-confident and living their lives in a better way and are willing to take their hands by the hand.

You can do RCM in two ways:

1). Self purchase: 1000 / – per month
1. Health Benefits
2. Price savings
3. 10 points per 500 / – (10%)
4. Annual Incentives (7.5%)
5. Accidental Death Zodiac (% 51000-4,000,00)
6. Monthly Incentives (4%)
7.National Celebration Special Offer
8. Participation in the development of the country – in the form of tax
2) In the form of career (story of TCG and use product and product is promoter – only to change the shop)
1. Diffusion bonus
2. Leadership Bonus
3. Loyalty Bonus
4. Technical Bonuses

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