RCM Company Profile

RCM is one of the largest network marketing and direct selling company in India. It has a wide network of more than 10 million selling partners in India.

The company has a very clear vision and a diverse marketing plan and business plan which helps independent sellers to earn extra money.

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This company encourages financial security by calling more and more people to become its associates.

The name RCM is synonymous with direct selling in India. The company takes pride in the fact of having a loyal customer in almost every part of the country.

The primary aim of the company has always been to change the lives of people by helping them to enjoy financial independence, social security, empower their skills and live a blissful life ultimately.

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In the company’s mission to make India a Healthy and a Wealthy place, they have developed a wide range of everyday consumable products in FMCG, Health and Nutrition, Fashion and Accessories, Stationary and Travel accessories and footwear categories.

The business plan of RCM focuses on changing the lives of people following a holistic approach that helps in the development of all the products manufactured by them.

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Health is considered to be an important factor in the making of all the products. Finest ingredients are combined to form these products.

Exploring modern and different avenues in the E-commerce industry has been on the priority list of this company since long now.

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The company is venturing in a range of products available on an extensive E-commerce platform. The latest app facility of this company helps the users to operate their whole business at their fingertips.

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