Are Oriflame products Really Good?

I had just known about Oriflame products a few months ago. Let’s know how I have experience with Oriflame’s cosmetic and make-up products.


Pros and Cons of Oriflame products

Nowadays, beauty products are available for every kind of people in the market and for all ages. Sales of these products have increased significantly in the last few years. Today, there are girls going to college or women at home or work, everyone has to buy according to their own and beauty products in their budget. It is also a matter of fact that this opportunity is not only for the Indians but also for foreign companies. In this way, I also came to know about ‘Oriflame‘, a famous cosmetics company from Sweden, a few years ago, from my own aunt (colleague).

In Oriflame, there is also skin care and health care range, along with all the things related to make-up and cosmetic. Firstly there was some hesitation in purchasing its products. But when I asked my colleague, I bought a tailpumper and two Nailpents. This was my first introduction to the Oriflame.

When all these products of Oriflame came out very good then I showed interest in it, then it was discovered that all products of the Oriflame are sold only through direct selling and you can buy them only from a consultant in Oriflame, from a shop or store No.

Each product of Oriflame is of any value and is very good in itself. The best part is that every product of the Oriflame gives the results according to its promise, some of Oriflame products seem to be expensive at first, but they are completely free of cost, which eventually make you a fan of this company. . This company has played a very special role in empowering women mainly by providing employment to the domestic women.

But as every coin has two sides, in the same way with all the strengths there are some drawbacks in Oriflame. Although every product is very good, but many times Oriflame products seem very expensive to people.

The second major drawback is that Oriflame products do not sell at any store or shop. The third reduction is that every month a product book comes with full knowledge of Oriflame products, from which you can choose the product you want, but it is entirely in English, and even today many English people There is a ‘problem’. There is also a problem with it that there are many types of offers in the Oriflame, but at times they are so confusing that it is very difficult to understand without the help of a consultant, and if its consultants do not have much Or if the office is far away, sometimes it has to wait for several days to get the goods. That’s why, the customer purchases the product from the market instead of the Oriflame.

But it will have to admit that despite its shortcomings, Oriflame products is very good to experiment with, as well as expiry date of its products, even after 3-4 years, which can be seen very little in Indian products.

In the end, it must definitely say that due to shortcomings, it is not wise to give up the good things, and this is the reason that the users of Oriflame know better.

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