Why Network Business is important in the life?


Why Networking Business is so important to understand today or else you will regret life.

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Come know how much a person works in whole life –

1 (one person) x 10 (working hours) x 30 (day) x12 (month) x 40 (year of life) = 144000 hours, a person can not work more than alone in the whole life.

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It does not matter what the salary is, whether it is 10 thousand or 50 thousand or 2 cs, whether it is HCL or IBM’s Top Level’s SOFTWARE ENGG, if it is JOB alone; So he is doing the hard work.

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A Servey of SCIENCE and Economy says

lets see 20 year interval
1920 —— MAKE ENDS MEET in 1 Rs.
1940 —— MAKE ENDS MEET in 10 Rs.
1960 —— MAKE ENDS MEET in 100 Rs.
1980 —— MAKE ENDS MEET in 1000 Rs.
2000 —— MAKE ENDS MEET in 10000 Rs.
2020 —— 1 lac Rs. is needed.

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You can think that the person who earns 10000 Rs in a month in 2000, his family lived happily.
Likewise, by 2020, the person who will not earn 1 lac rupees a month will not live for life but will cut it. It has only one solution.

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Changing the thinking of the HARD WORK, before adopting 2020, adopting the SMART WORK is the biggest achievement of life.

Now let’s see what Smart Work is called, which BUSINESSMAN and Net worker do –

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Everyone has equal 24 hours in the whole world, let’s know how the employers and businessmen/net workers use their 10 hours of work –

The job-
10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 60 Hours Week X4 = 240 Hours
240 hours X6 = 1440 hours 6 months working alone,

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Businessman / Networker –
10X10X10X10X10 ……………….
10X (6 times) every month on a team of just 10 people
1X10 = 10
10X10 = 100
100X10 = 1000
1000X10 = 10000
10000X10 = 100000
100000X10 = 1000000

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On working with the team for 1 million hours and 6 months, And if the team is just another and only 1000 people1000 (people) X 10 (h) X 15 (days) = 150000 hours that is, the work that a person wrote written in the whole life can do.The same thing is a lesson written or illiterate, and the person who reads is also just and just you make a team of 1000 people in 365 days, the money of whole life can be earned even in 365 days.

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Only due to this strength, many less educated people also become millionaire in less time, and 95% of many job mentality, very smart and educated, can not digest this thing and those who do not believe that there Stay there, and who believe, they become SUCCESS and become a millionaire. And it does not matter if they are illiterate, or have less written, or PHD holder.

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SUCCESS, which changes itself with changing times, is what I do.

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