Soul Flavours Pure Cow Ghee is made from fresh cow milk. It has a rich aroma and granular texture that brings a delectable flavor and taste to food. It contains Omega 3 & 6 and fat-soluble vitamins A, E and K which are critical to maintaining good health and well-being. Ideal for cooking, garnishing and making sweets. Traditionally cow ghee is considered to be a good source of energy, longevity, and vitality.

According to ancient Ayurveda, Cow ghee is rich in essential nutrients & fatty acids. A great antioxidant, it is for its antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral properties. Add 2 teaspoons to your cooked lunch or dinner & experience the goodness of this Soul Flavours Cow Ghee.

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Features & Benefits


Pack Size : 1 ltr.

MRP : Rs 693


RICH IN FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS: Ghee is rich in Vitamin A,D,K & E, making it good for: Helping in healthy teeth & improved bone health. Improving calcium absorption & preventing body inflammation. Enhancing wound healing process & improving immune system. Helping to regulate blood-clotting activities.

GOOD FOR THE EYES: As it is rich in Vitamin A, it helps the eyes in adjusting to light changes. The moistness in the eyes is also regulated with the consumption of Ghee.

HELPS STIMULATING GASTRIC JUICES: According to studies, the gastric juices in ghee improve digestion & overall health. Normalizes Vata & Pitta levels in the body.

KNOWN TO BE A MEDICINAL FAT BY AYURVED: Ayurveda promotes the use of ghee in food due to its numerous benefits. Add a spoonful to your diet & get ready to whet your family’s appetite.

NATURAL SKIN MOISTURIZER: Perfect to moisturize the skin & assure good skin health from the inside as well as the outside. Added to food for people who wish to lubricate their joints.

EXCELLENT FOR COOKING: Satiate your family’s hunger pangs with a delicious meal cooked in ghee. Enjoy the yummy mouth watering meal & get compliments for your excellent cooking skills.

USED IN CERTAIN AILMENTS: Traditionally, some people have used ghee when they suffer from health issues like common cold etc.