Pack Size : 1 pc



Designed to make bathing a pampering experience!
• Deep cleansing ultra soft & gentle body puff.
• Ideal for massaging and exfoliating.
• An invigorating treat for your body.
• Draws out dirt ,oil, dead skin and other impurities for healthier looking skin.
• Completely clean body without causing any damage to the skin.
• Holds up beautifully and easily forms mounds of lather with your favorite soap or ideally shower gel/body wash.
• Vibrant orange coloured mesh shower ball.
• Manufactured from quick drying, soft, long lasting superior quality material.
• Strong white rope loop for easy hanging on your taps or shower.

Directions for Use
• Use with your shower gel or soap to create a rich and luxurious lather.
• Put a few drops of body wash/shower gel and work up a rich lather for a ultimate bathing experience.