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Makes your toilet clean, germ – free & hygienically fresh in just 90 seconds. Unique colour changing formula shows the product working.. Convenient and easy to use.



Unique 90 seconds formula. Cleans and disinfects in 90 seconds by killing germs and bacteria leaving the toilet clean, germ-free and hygienic. Saves you endless wait for a clean germ free toilet
Colour changes from Green to Blue dissolving stubborn stains, toughest build-up of dirt, uric acid, faeces and lime scales. Demonstrates product working.
Versatile – Suitable for both Indian and Western style toilets. Safe for septic tanks especially in semi-urban and rural areas.
International pack with child proof cap
Convenient and easy to use. No spillage or no leakage. Reaches every corner of your toilet bowl.
Bio- degradable surfactants


For cleaning and disinfecting toilets
Suitable for Indian and Western style toilets