Modicare FREEDOM Extreme comfort Sanitary Napkins with Revolutionary 5 in 1 Technology


In earlier days, until disposable sanitary pads were created, cloth or reusable pads were widely used ,women often used a variety of home-made menstrual pads which they crafted from various fabrics, or other absorbent materials.

Then came the first pads, which were made from wood pulp bandages by nurses in France. It was very absorbent, and cheap enough to throw away afterwards.

Commercial manufacturers borrowed this idea and the first disposable pads were available for purchase came as early as 1888 – called the Southball pad.

The first of the disposable pads were generally in the form of a cotton wool or similar fibrous rectangle covered with an absorbent liner. But these came with a belt, which was very uncomfortable to wear and use. Later an adhesive strip was placed on the bottom of the pad for attachment to the crotch of the panties, and this became a favored method with women.

The belted sanitary napkin quickly disappeared making a huge way for the current napkin we use today.

Now Modicare presents…

FREEDOM-(Extreme comfort Sanitary Napkins with Revolutionary 5 in 1 Technology).

What is Extreme Comfort Revolutionary 5 in 1 Technology?

1. Chitin:
*Super insulation & Anti Microbial Agent.

2. Anion:
*Enhances Immunity.

3. Nano Silver:
*Antiseptic & Antiviral Agent.

4. Far Infrared:
*Improve Blood Circulation & Repairs Damage.

5. Magnetic:
*Discharge Infection Bacteria.


Designed with 8 layers of Protection:

1. Unique Designed Side Protection:
*For well balanced absorption prevents side

2. Premium Soft Cotton:
*For extreme comfort and allows the liquid to absorb 3 times faster.

3. Revolutionary:
*Anion, Magnetic, Nano Silver, Chitin & Far Infrared padding to enhance ANTI BACTERIAL capabilities which relieve discomfort.

4. Sterilized Layer:
*With extreme absorbent polymer gel.

5. Fluid Lock Particles Provide: *A fresh and comfortable experience.

6. Super Soft Layer:
*For enhancing softness, comfort & freshness.

7. Breathable Layer:
*That eliminates moisture keeping you cool and fresh.

8. Specially Designed:
*Back adhesive conforms with human ergonomics to give
extra comfort .

Best Because:

*8 layers give extreme absorption and make you stay dryer all day long.

*High liquid absorption capability.

*The unique 5 in 1 technology reduces the chances for irritation and infection.

*Performs well during your peak menstrual period leaving you fresh.

*Provides highest protection with antibacterial properties.

*Gives confidence , makes you care free and provides the sense of freedom.

*Premium packaging where each pad is packed in the individual packs.

*The individual pack can be used for disposing the used pad.

*Available in 3 sizes- Regular, Large, XLarge

Variants details:

Code: PC6049
Size: Regular 245 mm
Count: 15 pads
MRP: 250
DP: 227
BV: 125

Code: PC6050
Size: Large 290 mm
Count: 15 pads
MRP: 275
DP: 250
BV: 138

Code: PC6051
Size: X Large 320 mm
Count: 15 pads
MRP: 295
DP: 268
BV: 147

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