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First Time Facebook Live Training by Team Gratitude Team Champions. Promote this first-ever digital Facebook Live Training heavily and request you are all team players to see this session from all cities of India. Team Gratitude is a team of Champions who help Dreamers to give them AARTHIC AZADI and help maximum persons to fulfill their wishes.

All you have to do, like the Team Gratitude page from the Facebook link below and on the day of the training you will be able to run this Live Training on your Facebook and you can also ask your questions in training.


  • Dreams and Goals in 2018
  • How to invite your Prospects to Plan/Meetings
  • How to contact strangers in the market and add in your list
  • How to do Closing with Order
  • How to Get Start with New Joinings
  • Importance of Loyalty Program
  • The importance of Meetings/Trainings/Seminars
  • New Fast Sr Consultant Program and its Importance
  • Importance of Home Meetings and How to do it?
  • Why Demo Kits and Magic Corners are Must?
  • Importance of Team-21
  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Why Duplication is MUST for growth
  • How to Train new consultants for Showing Plan independently
  • How to make Profitable Structure in Modicare
  • How to become Core consultant
  • Cardinal Rules
  • Power of Submission and Edification
  • Power of Spkoen words and Visualization
  • How to use System to build Solid Network
  • How to improve Presentation Skills
  • How to improve Selling Skills
  • How to increase the Participation
  • Why 3000 PBV important and how to do this every month?
  • How to promoe the events/offers
  • Role of women in business
  • How to use company System
  • Why to go Digital in Network Marketing? How to build business at Out station cities
  • How to Play Modicare Tambola to increase BV

Facebook Live Training at 9PM,16 Dec 2017
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Trainer: Global Black Diamond Munish Chopra
Date: Everyday
Time: 9PM TO 9:30PM
Venue: Facebook Live Training from Your Mobile Phone or Laptop


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