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Liquor Price List 2018 – Rajasthan State Beverages Corporation Ltd. (RSBCL)

Please Find below complete Liquor Price List 2018. We listed here liquor wine, beer prices with MRP, Unit, Dp and Business value. If you have any query or need more details, contact us.

1100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.750 ml1962
2100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1445
3100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.750 ml1445
4100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.375 ml723
5100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.180 ml362
61965 Spirit Of Victory Premium Xxx Rum750 ml421
78 Pm Bermuda Gin Saunf Flavoured750 ml310
88 Pm Bermuda Gin Saunf Flavoured375 ml155
98 Pm Bermuda Gin Saunf Flavoured180 ml77
108 Pm Classic Whisky750 ml296
118 Pm Classic Whisky375 ml152
128 Pm Classic Whisky180 ml77
13A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky750 ml310
14A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky375 ml155
15A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky180 ml77
16Aberlour 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky700ml(3 bottle)6208
17Aberlour 16 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky700ml(3 bottle)10845
18Aberlour 18 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky700 ML (6 Bottle)17822
19Absolut Citron Lemon Flavored Vodka750 ml2097
20Absolut India Vodka750 ml2097
21Absolut Mandrin Mandarin Flavored Vodka750 ml2097
22Absolut Vodka750 ml1886
23Absolut Vodka200 ml (24 per Case)593
24Absolut Vodka50 ml (120 Nips)180
25Absolut Vodka Elyx750 ML (6 Bott.)4495
26Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky750 ml498
27Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky375 ml251
28Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky180 ml124
29All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky750 ml498
30All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky375 ml251
31All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky180 ml124
32Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky750 ml760
33Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky375 ml380
34Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky180 ml190
35Aristocrat Extra Dry Gin750 ml297
36Aristocrat Extra Dry Gin375 ml153
37Aristocrat Extra Dry Gin180 ml75
38Aristocrat Xxx Rum750 ml297
39Aristocrat Xxx Rum375 ml153
40Aristocrat Xxx Rum180 ml77
41Bacardi Black Deluxe Original Premium Crafted Rum750 ml567
42Bacardi Black Deluxe Original Premium Crafted Rum375 ml284
43Bacardi Black Deluxe Original Premium Crafted Rum180 ml127
44Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum750 ml726
45Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum375 ml369
46Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum180 ml183
47Bacardi Limon Original Citrus Rum750 ml857
48Bacardi Limon Original Citrus Rum180 ml191
49Bacardi Orange Original Orange Rum750 ml857
50Bacardi Orange Original Orange Rum180 ml191
51Bacardi Premium + Cola275 ml68
52Bacardi Premium + Cranberry275 ml68
53Bacardi Premium + Lemonade275 ml68
54Bacardi Premium + Orange275 ml68
55Bacardi Superior Original Premium Rum375 ml369
56Bacardi Superior Original Premium Rum180 ml183
57Bagpiper Classic Whisky750 ml310
58Bagpiper Classic Whisky375 ml155
59Bagpiper Classic Whisky180 ml77
60Baileys The Original Irish Cream750 ml2462
61Balduzzi Cabernet Sauvignon Rose750 ml1965
62Balduzzi Grand Reserve750 ML (6 Bott.)2915
63Ballantine S Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml4178
64Ballantine S Aged 17 Years Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml9985
65Ballantines Finest Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1842
66Ballantines Finest Blended Scotch Whisky200 ml (24 per Case)595
67Ballantines Finest Blended Scotch Whisky50 ml (120 Nips)184
68Banrock Station Chardonnay Wine750 ml1299
69Banrock Station Shiraz Wine750 ml1299
70Barton And Guestier Cuvee Speciale Rouge Wine750 ml1604
71Beach House Xxx Rum750 ml265
72Beach House Xxx Rum375 ml133
73Beach House Xxx Rum180 ml67
74Beefeater London Dry Gin-750 ml1854
75Belvedere Vodka700 ML (6 Bottle)5687
76Bio Rum Premium750 ml498
77Bio Rum Premium180 ml124
78Bio Whisky750 ml747
79Bio Whisky375 ml375
80Bio Whisky180 ml188
81Black And White Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1569
82Black And White Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml393
83Black Buck Premium Strong Beer650 ML94
84Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged And Rare Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1445
85Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged And Rare Blended Scotch Whisky375 ml723
86Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged And Rare Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml360
87Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1979
88Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky375 ml990
89Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml495
90Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky750 ml929
91Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky375 ml465
92Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky180 ml238
93Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky750 ml716
94Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky375 ml357
95Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky180 ml181
96Blue Bull Gin750 ml266
97Blue Bull Gin375 ml134
98Blue Bull Gin180 ml74
99Blue Diamond Extra Dry Gin750 ml297
100Blue Diamond Extra Dry Gin375 ml153
101Blue Diamond Extra Dry Gin180 ml77
102Blue Nun Gold Edition Sparkling Wine750 ml2407
103Blue Nun Merlot750 ml2010
104Blue Nun Riesling750 ml2150
105Bodega Norton Chardonnay750 ml1277
106Bodega Norton Merlot750 ml1257
107Bodega Norton Sauvignon Blanc750 ml1277
108Bombay Sapphire Distilled London Dry Gin750 ml2137
109Bonnie Special Whisky750 ml254
110Bonnie Special Whisky375 ml127
111Bonnie Special Whisky180 ml63
112Bowmore 12 Years Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky700 ML (6 Bottle)5042
113Brancott Estate Pinot Noir750 ML (6 Bott.)3182
114Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc750 ML (6 Bott.)2872
115Breezer Premium Blackberry Crusth275 ml68
116Breezer Premium Blueberry275 ml68
117Breezer Premium Jamaican Passion275 ml68
118Breezer Premium Tropical Cranberry275 ml68
119Breezer Premium Tropical Orange275 ml68
120Bulldozer Strong Beer650 ML84
121Bullet Super Strong Beer.650 ML86
122Cadet Doc Cabernet Sauvignon Baron Philippe De Rothschild750 ML (6 Bott.)1403
123Cadet Doc Chardonnay Baron Philippe De Rothschild750 ML (6 Bott.)1399
124Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo750 ML (6 Bott.)2000
125Campo Viejo Rioja Viura Tempranillo Blanco750 ML (6 Bott.)2000
126Canadian Club Imported Blended Canadian Whisky750 ml1720
127Captain Morgan The Original Rum750 ml400
128Captain Morgan The Original Rum375 ml200
129Captain Morgan The Original Rum180 ml100
130Carews Dry Gin750 ml310
131Carews Dry Gin375 ml155
132Carews Dry Gin180 ml77
133Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer650 ML129
134Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer330 ML71
135Carlsberg Elephant Classic Strong Super Premium Beer650 ML133
136Chandon Brut750 ml1446
137Chandon Brut Rose750 ml1711
138Charlie Mist Green Apple Flavoured Vodka750 ml431
139Charlie Mist Green Apple Flavoured Vodka375 ml216
140Charlie Mist Green Apple Flavoured Vodka180 ml108
141Charlie Premium Grain Vodka750 ml413
142Charlie Premium Grain Vodka375 ml207
143Charlie Premium Grain Vodka180 ml102
144Charlie Xxx Deluxe Rum750 ml309
145Charlie Xxx Deluxe Rum375 ml163
146Charlie Xxx Deluxe Rum180 ml84
147Chateau Piochet Aoc Bordeaux Rouge750 ml2897
148Chivas Regal Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky4.5 Litre (2 Bottle)29054
149Chivas Regal Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml4182
150Chivas Regal Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky50 ml (120 Nips)380
151Chivas Regal Aged 18 Years Blended Scotch Whisky750 ML (6 Bott.)10214
152Chivas Regal Extra Scotch Whisky750 ML (6 Bott.)5537
153Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka750 ml4289
154Clock Tower Vodka750 ml413
155Clock Tower Vodka375 ml207
156Clock Tower Vodka180 ml102
157Clock Tower Vodka Orange750 ml468
158Clock Tower Vodka Orange375 ml234
159Clock Tower Vodka Orange180 ml117
160Contessa Xxx Rum750 ml296
161Contessa Xxx Rum375 ml152
162Contessa Xxx Rum180 ml77
163Cosecha Tarapaca Cabernet Sauvignon750 ml949
164Cosecha Tarapaca Chardonnay750 ml949
165Cosecha Tarapaca Merlot750 ml974
166Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1477
167Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml377
168Dalhousie Fine Grain Whisky750 ml402
169Dalhousie Fine Grain Whisky375 ml204
170Dalhousie Fine Grain Whisky180 ml102
171Dante Alighieri Chianti Docg750 ML (6 Bott.)1396
172Dare Devil Extra Strong Premium Beer650 ML97
173Dare Devil Extra Strong Premium Beer500 ml (24 cans)88
174Dare Devil Royal Export Premium Beer650 ML140
175Dare Devil Royal Export Premium Beer330 ML81
176Desperados330 ML287
177Dewars White Label Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1463
178Dewars White Label Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml367
179Directors Special Regular Whisky750 ml310
180Directors Special Regular Whisky375 ml155
181Directors Special Regular Whisky180 ml77
182Don Alejandro Blanco750 ml2009
183Don Angel Tequila Blanco750 ml1812
184Don Angel Tequila Blanco700 ML (12 Bottle)1751
185Episode Deluxe Xxx Rum750 ml310
186Episode Deluxe Xxx Rum375 ml164
187Episode Deluxe Xxx Rum180 ml87
188Erdinger Weissbier With Fine Yeast330 ML379
189Eristoff Triple Distilled Premium Vodka.750 ml705
190Eristoff Triple Distilled Premium Vodka.375 ml354
191Eristoff Triple Distilled Premium Vodka.180 ml179
192Finca Don Cano Cabernet Sauvignon750 ml1680
193Finca Don Cano Sauvignon Blanc750 ml1680
194Finlandia Vodka Of Finland750 ml1852
195Fortant De France Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine750 ml1671
196Fosters Lager Beer500 ml (24 cans)89
197Fosters Lager Beer.650 ML97
198Fosters Lager Beer.330 ML59
199Fosters Strong Beer650 ML108
200Fratelli Cabernet Franc – Shiraz750 ml831


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