Latest Keva Products Price List 2019

Here we have provided Keva Products Price List below.  Keva was established almost 90 years ago in the year 1922. It is one of the largest and most successful companies. It is also known as one of the largest Indian fragrance and flavour companies.

The products made by this company come to life using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for both the domestic and global markets. The company manufactures and sells around 9700 products to over 4100 customers.

Keva’s fragrance products and ingredients are used by FMCG companies in personal care, fabric care, hair care, home care, fine fragrances and blended products. The company’s flavours are used in baking goods, dairy products, beverages, savoury snacking and pharmaceutical products.

The main aim of this company is to be the most dedicated and trustworthy company is bringing about amazing wellness and healthcare products with maximum commitment to comply with high quality for all the customers.

The company wants to provide better health care by increasing the life expectancy rate and helping the humanity at large. The company also wants the customers to use all the products for their advantage with the help of a good distribution channel.

Through the process of distribution, the company also wants all the distributors to learn how to be successful in business development by awarding them with bonuses and abundance. Financial security and independence should prevail in the lives of everyone who get associated with this company.

The products of this company are manufactured to provide a valuable life to all the customers. These products are proven to create a high quality life for all those people who use them.

The company’s growth and success has been possible because of the ever expanding trust of all the customers who have used these products. The mission is to expand in a way that the overall health and wellness of all the individuals and society gets improved.

It includes all the details of prices of products manufactured by Keva. The prices are listed with the MRP and business volume.

Although this is the latest product price list, it is always subject to change in the future. You can refer this product price list and gain a clarity in regards to your buying decisions.

Keva Products Price List with MRP & Business Point

S.No.DescriptionMRPBusiness Point
1.Keva Ancient Mineral Drops 15 ML249140
2.Keva Ancient Mineral Drops 50ML715400
3.Keva Aloe Vera Plus 1 Liter749325
4.Keva CTMD 30ML715400
5.Keva CTMD 60ML1199700
6.Keva Noni 400ML715350
7.Keva Solar Energy Drops 50ML715400
8.Keva Anti Pollution Drops 30ML715400
9.Keva Acidity Care Drops 30 ML715400
10.Keva American Ginseng Drops 30ml715400
11.Keva Goji Berry Drops 30ML715400
12.Keva Anti Ageing Drops 30ml715400
13.Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops 30ml715400
14.Keva Grape Seed Drops 30ml715400
15.Keva Aloe Noni Drops 30 ml715400
16.Keva Co-Enzyme Q10 Drops 30 ml715400
17.Keva Joints Care Drops 30 ml715400
18.Keva Feminine Drops 30 ml715400
19.Keva Milk Thistle Drops 30 ml715400
20.Keva Stemcell Plus Drops 30 ml715400
21.Keva Bone Health (60 Tablets, 1250 mg each)1199650
22.Keva Power Plus (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
23.Keva Heart Care (60 capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
24.Keva Omega 3 (60 Soft Gel, 500 mg each)1199650
25.Keva Slim Tea 250 Gm1199650
26.Keva Anti Diabetic (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
27.Keva Thyroid Care (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
28.Keva Menstrual Care (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
29.Keva Memory Plus (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
30.Keva Acai 750 ML1199650
31.Keva Daily Plus ( 60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
32.Keva Weight Gain (60 Capsules, 800 mg Each)1199700
33.Keva Kidney Care (60 Capsules, 800 mg Easch)1199700
34.Keva Leucorrhea Care (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
35.Keva Chlorophyll (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
36.Keva Slim Fit (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
37.Keva D-ToxiPlus (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
38.Keva Piles Care (60 Capsules, 800 mg each)1199700
39.Keva Glucosamine Plus (60 Capsules 800 mg each)1199700
40.Keva Ganoderma Plus (60 Capsules 800 mg each)1199700

S.No.DescriptionMRPBusiness Point
41.Keva Immunorich (60 Capsule 800 mg each)1299700
42.Keva Numoringo (60 Capsules 800 mg each)1199700
43.Keva Silver Plus 236ml59993500
44.Keva Zinc Plus (60 Capsules, 500 mg each)249100
45.Keva Liver Care (60 Capsules, 500 mg each)299120
46.Keva Green Tea (60 Capsules, 500 mg each)299120
47.Keva Flax Seed Oil (60 Capsules, 500 mg each)29980
48.Keva Hormone Balance ((60 Capsules, 500 mg each)299120
49.Keva Cow Colostrum (60 Capsules, 500mg each)299120
50.Keva Noni Drops 30 ML299120
51.Keva Spirulina (60 Capsules, 500mg each)18050
52.Keva Neem Capsule (60 Capsule, 500mg Each)299120
53.Keva Aloe Vera Capsule (60 Capsules 500mg Each)24090
54.Kevital (60 Capsules 500mg each)299120
55.Keva Anti Pain Oil 50ml15050
56.Keva Agro 80 Plus 1 Ltr599200
57.Keva After Shave Splash 100ml18060
58.Keva Sunscreen SPF 30 Matt Finish 100ml24090
59.Keva Daily Moisturizing Lotion 200ml299100
60.Keva Cleanser & Toner 200ml299100
61.Keva Hydrating Shaving Gel 60gm8925
62.Keva Beauty Soap 100 GM5916
63.Keva Face Masque 100gm240100
64.Keva Young forever 50gm240100
65.Keva Fairness Cream 100gm240100
66.Keva Marks Clear Cream 100gm240100
67.Keva Fruit & Apricot Scrub 100gm240100
68.Keva Toothpaste 100gm8515
69.Keva Protein Powder 200gm299120
70.Keva Gano Power (60 Capsule, 500mg each)299120
71.Keva Ortho Care (60 Capsule, 500mg each)299120
72.Keva Aloe Face Wash 100 ml11920
73.Keva Foot Patch299120
74.Keva Natural Hair Oil 200ml17030
75.Keva Healthy Cooking Oil 1 Ltr29950
76.Keva Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner39991300
77.Keva Panch Tulsi Drops 15ml5915
78.Keva Ear Drops 10ml5912
79.Keva Eye Drops 10ml5912
80.Keva Platinum Oil 15ml11940

S.No.DescriptionMRPBusiness Point
Keva Fruit Essence Shampoo cum conditioner 200ml
Keva Daily Care Shampoo cum conditioner 200ml
83.Keva Anti Dandruff Shampoo cum conditioner 200ml11920
84.Keva Hand Sanitizer 100ml8515
Keva Hand Wash 200ml
Keva Body Wash 200ml
Keva Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer 3G
Keva Kids Chewable Tablets (60 Tab, 500mg)
Keva Sports Nutrition Powder 200gm
Keva Kids Energy Powder 200gm
Keva Moringa Power (60 Capsule, 500mg)
Keva Skin, Nail & Hair Care (60 Capsule, 500mg)
Keva Bio Energy Card
Keva Bio Magnetic Bracelet
Keva Body Massage Oil 200ml
Keva Slimming Oil 200ml
Keva Thanda Cool Oil 200ml
Keva Double Stem Cell Powder 200gm
Keva Premium Tea 250gm
Keva Dish Liquid 250ml
Keva Curcumin (500mg each, 60 Capsule packing)
Keva Calcium (100 Tablets Packing)


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