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Importance of Social Media in Network Marketing

In this article we will know¬†Importance of Social Media in Network Marketing. When the internet was not so prevalent, and the social media was not even named. At that time, the company’s merchandise reached to the people after many months or years. But now that the internet is in the pocket of the everyone. From all the youths to the elders, everyone is active on social media. On the one hand, the practice of online shopping has started. On the other hand, many network marketing companies have also resorted to social sites.

Since then, the demand for network marketing has widened its demand in the corporate world. Through social media, new marketing options in network marketing have emerged. With this, there is immense potential for this sector to grow. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, India is currently the world’s largest internet consumer. And secondly, in the future, the number is expected to increase by about ten times in the future. Market experts believe that if a company has to stay, then it will have to withdraw money from customers’ pocket through this new digital medium.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and not know how many social sites are in your pocket as a mobile. The usefulness of social sites is known to all the world’s largest companies. This is the reason why many companies around the world are spreading their business and product on social media.

What is Social Media Network Marketing?

Through social media, network marketing companies sell a product of manufacturing companies. Through this, some people or teams are making a special item popular on social sites. Thereby increasing its sales. Most of those social sites are profitable, which are more traffic, traffic means people who visit the site continuously If you are a Facebook user then you may have seen many such advertisements. But social media network marketing is a little different from these advertisements. Instead of doing network marketing directly, branding is done under a campaign.

What companies get the advantage?

Social networking websites allow anyone to talk directly to another person or group or company. In such a situation, when a company comes to the social site, people can directly go to that company and post it. This is the reason why the product seems to be popular at the social site. For example, the choices of Twitter and Reports on Twitter give a customer the opportunity to test and like or dislike the product from a large perspective. This increases the number of people and many inputs are also exchanged. This network is proving to be more efficient in marketing business than on the other. Since the company itself responds to every individual, the credibility of the customer’s company also increases.


Popular Social Media Sites

Twitter: Twitter gives 140 character limit to companies to promote their products to Twitter, in which the tiny tweet is written. This tweet is directly related to that product’s website, Facebook profile photo, video etc. However, Twitter has now increased the word limit to 1000 characters.

Youtube: Here companies offer their product with the help of video. For example, if a company has made such a product and uploaded it to YouTube, and at the same time, another company made the same product, then it is possible that he could find such a video here. In India today, millions of people are going to YouTube and it is also a great medium to promote products.

Facebook: It can be posted to any product, video, photo or long interpretation etc. It is linked directly to Twitter. Today everyone is connected with facebook. So it provides a great way to promote using advertisements.

Google Plus: There is also the option of Google search engine with the product so that the customer can search more information about it.

LinkedIn: This allows companies to create professional profiles. There is also a link to Twitter etc. attached to it.

Instagram: As of May 2014, Instagram had more than 2 million users. Which has now increased to more than 100 crores, which includes more than half of people from Asia and Europe. One study found that on Instagram, there are people of mostly young people from 18 to 24 years. Along with this, it has also been found in the study that India is using Instagram not only for sharing pictures but also for making online selling. 50 percent Indians are using it. Instagram gives the opportunity to companies that they can connect with people directly and keep their point.

Tumbler: It tells the company to create a blog, through which the customer can contact him on his own. The tumbler that makes your blog publishing even easier and it’s absolutely free for personal use. There is a great way to make yourself a talking on the Internet. Especially when you know, how to get followers and how to maintain them.

So in this way, social media proved to be a very useful medium for network marketing.