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Your expenses will be your income, It would be strange to hear how the expenditure can be income, but it is true. I do not know which product you use, but I know so much that when you take a product from another company, it does not give you anything in return.

Suppose you use Dove soap, the name of the Dove soap is being taken because the people of India consider to dove as the best soap. Well, you have no fault in it, the attitude of any person changes with the advertisement. Let’s talk to you now. So if you talk about the dove soap price then 162 will have 3 soaps of 100 grams, whereas if you talk about Amway’s Persona soap price then 153 in 3 grams of 100 grams are available.

Even if compared to the price, the victory was made of Amway Soap. But the story does not end here, but my viewpoint changes from here.

Now you tell us, you bought Dove Soap and spent it in the bath, the company did not even know who bought my product. Let’s leave this thing too, now tell me after the use of soap, the company gave you something, no, no. Perhaps you might be thinking that you got a good skin. So let me tell you that Amway India persona soap is better than dove soap.

Amway Persona’s Final Price:

If you are ABO Amway, then you will find 3 of these 153 soaps in 148, then a 7% cashback is sent to your bank account, i.e. 7% of the performance value (PV) of 153. 1.53 * 7 * 80/100 = 8.5 rupees This means that you now have 153 gauge soap 139.5.

Now if you are at 6% level then 6% of the money is separately and also the difference is given. If your performance is high, then cashback is sent to your account by Amway India. If you calculate this way, you will get 153 soaps in less than 130.To better understand this, please read our article Amway Business plan well.

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