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Network marketing is one of the famous business concepts of the modern world. People are more positive about being a part of such MLM business plans and considering it as an alternate or main source of income. There are hundreds of companies across the world, offering free to paid memberships and different benefits from selling their products.

How network marketing works

The answer is in the question, network marketing works by good networking skills. It works well if you are able to maintain good contacts, and the increase in its number will increase your revenue.

You journey will start by enrolling yourself or registering as a member of the company. Few of the companies even offer training. you are also expected to reach a certain revenue and purchases from the company every month.

Once you started as a member, your growth will depend on your networking and communication skills. you may usually start from your close friends and relatives and then slowly increasing the circle by word of mouth from your customers.

Companies have different levels such as beginner, intermediary and high level. Each level is crossed when you make a significant amount of sales in your current level. It is more like a promotion from one place to another.

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As a beginner your margin which is the difference between the price at what you bought from the company to the price at what you sold to the customer will be low. When your growing in your sales figure the margin and profits will increase, which means you will be able to obtain the product from the company at a good discount.

Added to this marginal profit you will also have other added discounts and commissions when you join a new member and when that member made good amount of purchases from the company.

At the initial level you must be able to meet your customer personally to explain and give demos on the company’s products. This will help you to build good relationships with them and to make them buy a greater number of products.

Once they start to buy, you now have a foothold from where you can start a new contact. Ask them to refer you and the product to their neighbors and friends. This is how network marketing works.

Things to remember

  • Success in network marketing depends on your outgoing skills of how to talk to people and convince them to buy your product. If you are an introvert, it will probably be a hard job for you.
  • As a member you are not allowed to sell the product at more price than what mentioned in the company’s guidelines.
  • You are not allowed to collect money in any other form apart from direct selling or making fake promises about the benefits of the product.
  • Legit companies will give a set of rules to their members to follow and any breach of those will result in terminating your membership.
  • It is not an easy job and your profits will depend on your wise plans and hard work.

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