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Herbalife Aloe Benefits, dosage, price and reviews

In this article, we will discuss Herbalife Aloe benefits, price, dosage, and reviews. Herbalife Aloe is made with the goodness of Aloe Vera. Everyone knows about Aloe Vera which is known as ‘ghritkumari’ in Hindi is enriched with amino acid and 12 vitamins which have many health benefits. It eliminates blood loss in the body and increases the immunity of the body. The more it is beneficial for your health, the more it is for your hair and skin. Let’s know how well Aloe Vera has on our health.

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Nutrients such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E and Folic Acid etc. are found in the gel of aloe vera leaves. There are many health benefits of minerals found in aloe vera juice – copper, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium, chromium, magnesium and manganese. Aloe vera not only eliminates common diseases but also fight from deadly diseases. Health experts consider aloe vera as one of the most influential and versatile herbs of nature. It is safe for external and internal use.

Upon burn, the aloe vera fills the wound early due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties on internal injuries, when the organ is cut from somewhere. It maintains the level of sugar in the blood. It is beneficial for hemorrhoids, diabetes, uterine disease, stomach upset, joint pain, skin malfunction, acne, rusty skin, sunburn skin, wrinkles, facial scars, dark circles of eyes, tearful edicts. It should be removed from the pulp or gel in the hair roots. Hair will be black, dense-long and strong.

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History of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is native to North Africa. Aloe Vera is a plant growing up to 30-36 inches with very small granular stem, which branches spread through germinated roots. It is a plant found in drought and hot areas of the world which looks like cactus plants, but not cactus species. Rather, it is a Lily plant species, by stopping the holes of the stem to stop wastage of moisture, the plant remains moist even in the circumstances where other plants are dried.

Aloe Vera has 300-400 types of species, most of which contain only a few medicinal properties, and some species are poisonous. Among the 300-400 species of Aloe Vera, the best species are aloe Barbadenses Miller, which is the world’s best Aloe Vera, in which 275 nutrients are found, which is beneficial for humans. The fully grown plants are up to 30-36 inches long, and the width of the fully grown plant is 2 to 3 inches wide and it weighs around 2 kg.

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Herbalife Aloe Concentrate

Herbal Aloe Concentrate is formulated with premium quality Aloe Vera. Aloe soothes the stomach and is traditionally used for its digestive health benefits.

It can be used as a refreshing drink when mixed with water (as per labeled instructions) on a daily basis and can serve as a healthy replacement for soft drinks or high-sugar juices (as it is low in calories). It is a high-quality supplement which supports digestion by the soothing stomach and helps in bloating. Daily intake can be very helpful for complete health.

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Benefits of Herbalife Aloe Juice


Aloe Vera has all the enzymes that are essential for digestion. There are also some enzymes that do not even cause damage to the pancreas. It cleanses the small intestines and enhances the ability to assimilate the nutrients, helps in bringing the balance of pH by neutralizing acidity. Supports wind and constipation in the abdomen.

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Increase the immunity

Aloe Vera contains those medicinal elements which are not made in the body but are available only from Aloe Vera like some mineral and amino acids. These elements are constantly needed by the body, which is also necessary to fulfill. And by removing the lack of blood, increase the immune system.

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Problems with constipation

These problems often get us listening. These problems can happen to people of any age. To remove this disease, it is very beneficial to consume aloe Vera juice. In the small children, add juices and asafoetida to constipation, around the navel, this will benefit. Apart from this, increasing the function of the liver. It also removes jaundice.

Weight Loss

Regular use of Aloe Vera juice is very helpful in weight loss. This stimulates our digestive tract functioning as a laxative. Drinking juice of it brings refreshment in the body, energy level increases and weight loss.

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For wrinkle-free skin

It has many benefits for skin, body, and health. Apart from working as a superb anti-bacterial, an atomic plant, it also helps in getting rid of wrinkles. It helps to moisturize the skin and removes dead cells from the skin.

Anti-stimulating and painkillers

It contains many other elements such as plant sterols, enzymes, and glycoproteins, anthracenes, salicylates, which reduces pain and stimuli. This action is done in the same way. Just like taking steroids like Cortisone, but it does not cause side effects such as steroids nor does it add to it. Aloe Vera does not contain cortisone.

A feeling of strength and energy

Aloe Vera works as a good antibiotic and antiseptic. Aloe Vera also has the properties of cleaning the body inside and keeping the body sterilized. It cleanses our body’s smallest big vein, the pulses and fills them with new strength and energy.

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For Diabetics

Aloe Vera is a boon for patients with diabetes. It not only controls the sugar but also controls the production of insulin. This is the best boon for liver, kidney, and other body parts.

Beneficial in heart disease

Aloe Vera increases blood volume in the body and helps in maintaining the blood flow smoothly. It normalizes high blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart attack.

Saves from sunburn

Aloe Vera juice works as a sunscreen. Before leaving the sunlight, harmful rays of the sun do not harm your skin by putting the juice of Aloe Vera properly on your face. Use the Aloe Vera gel to avoid the pimples. Take twice a day and get a beautiful and clean skin.

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Healthy and clean teeth

Aloe Vera is very beneficial for mouth and gums. The use of this reduces teeth pain and stops bleeding from gums. Along with the ulcer disease in the mouth is also fine. You can also adopt it as a doctor of your teeth.

Creations of new cells

Hormones present in them remove old dead cells and establish new cells in their place. Aloe has calcium which regulates the liquid element of cells and maintains internal and external balance, which leads to healthy cells throughout the body. Because of this action, the internal organs of the body get new energies.

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Side effects of Herbalife Aloe Concentrate

Aloe Vera juice contains an anthraquinone substance which is laxative and can cause cramps, dehydration, and diarrhea when taken in large amounts.

Consult your doctor before taking Aloe Vera juice, especially when you are undergoing a medical treatment or taking prescribed medicines because there may be adverse reactions to taking aloe Vera juice with some medicines.

Pregnant and lactating women should avoid taking Aloe Vera juice. Pregnant women can have miscarriage and birth defects due to contractions of the uterus. Breastfeeding women should also not take it because its anthraquinone may cause diarrhea. It is also vulnerable for children under 12 years of age.

The side effects of drinking too much Aloe Vera juice are mainly for those who consume it in excessive quantities from the given dose.

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1,719.00Rs – 1Kg


Mix 3 capsules (15ml) in 120ml of water two to three times per day.

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