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Herbalife afresh benefits

In this article, we will discuss Herbalife afresh benefits, its require amount of dosage, side effects, and price.

Herbalife Afresh is an energy drink which has been developed to boost energy level of anyone who consumes it.

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It is known to be a very powerful and effective energy drink for professional athletes as well as for bodybuilders. This product will give you instant energy to improve your performance in the ground or gym.

Maintaining good fitness level is very important. You can go the gym everyday and sweat it out but you will need something to keep you energetic.

The Herbalife Afresh drink is made to keep your energy levels in check. The Afresh Energy Drink is an extremely popular product of the Herbalife company.

Afresh drink is made from the seeds of guarana plant. There is a little amount of caffeine present in it. This caffeine that is present is completely plant based.

Herbalife Afresh Energy Drink:

Try Herbalife energy booster drink which has been specifically developed to give you energy and fitness. Actually, Afresh helps one to rotate the water in the right direction, and we keep refreshing, secondly, it also keeps the hunger in control.

Consuming this drink removes laziness from the body. You can feel an increase energy level from the very first consumption.

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1. Helps in Weight Loss: Consuming this energy drink with a controlled diet plan is very effective in losing weight. There are many people who have been able to lose weight with the regular consumption of Herbalife Afresh energy drink.

2. More Energy: The first and foremost benefit this energy drink is the fact it gives instant energy while increasing the productivity of the body. Energy drinks produce feelings of being alert and awake while increasing the productivity.

3. Standardized caffeine amount: In energy drinks, the amount of caffeine is standardized and in limited amounts which does not cause any bad effect to your health.

4. A variety of flavours: There are lots of flavors available in energy drinks which are liked by everyone. People get tired with the regular taste of tea and coffee. So energy drinks can prove to be a different substitute which is tasty as well as a healthy option for everyone.

5. Additional supplements: Energy drinks also contain other important ingredients like vitamin B, ginseng, and glucuronolactone which have many health benefits. They will help to improve performance and the effects on a long-term basis.


Do not consume this drink while going to sleep. This drink is meant to produce an increased energy level in the human body. The mind and body do not get to rest after consuming energy drink. It is important to keep note that you don’t consume this energy drink at night.


1. Sugar Grow: There is plenty of sugar in the energy drink. This drink contains a high amount of sugar. This sugar can increase the sugar level of the body if it is not consumed in right maintenance which can further cause many problems like dehydration, a weak immunity system, bad teeth, and bones etc.

2. Stress on organ: Drinking excessive energy drink can cause stress on all parts of the body because they are tired and they cannot get rest.


Take a small spoon of afresh drink in around 300 ml of lukewarm water, mix it well and drink at least twice a day. Taking Afresh with Shake Protein and other products, will help in weight loss.


898Rs – Pack of 2 (Each 50gm)

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