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Goal Setting: What is SMART Goal and how to set it?

Goal Setting is the most important point for success in our life without which we are like a kite which has no direction, where the wind goes, the kite also goes away. In the same way, we also go wandering around life without any goal. So setting Goal is very important.

What is SMART Goal and how to set it?



Our goal should always be clear, only then we will be able to achieve it. That is, until our mind will not be clear that what we have to do in Real, we will not be able to do anything. Like I am a student and my goal is to have me close to good numbers. But what is the meaning of good, how many numbers? Or how many percent? Not clear. Or then I say that I have to make a lot of money. But how many? Not clear. Or I have to go for a few days to take a vacation. but when ? Not clear. These three are not specific Goal. Make a goal in this world that I am a student and I have to take 95% marks in my 12th exam, clear or I want to earn 1 corer rupee, it is also clear. Or if I have to go for a 4-day holiday on this 20th day, then it is also clear.



When we make a Goal, it should be Measurable along with the specific, then we will be able to review it. Suppose we should be thrown in a race and said that if the run does not go away, but there is no measurement to win, how many meters or Kilometer is to run, if there is no ending point, what will happen? We will be demotivate from the beginning, we will not know how many races we have covered and how much is left. That’s why our goal should be Measurable so that we can see that we have reached the point.



Our Goal should be Achievable along with being specific and Measurable, which we feel intrinsically from within, that I will achieve it. This does not mean that we make a simple Goal, the goal should be challenging, only then our right potential will be able to appear, but we feel that I can Achieve it. Assume I have a big company Join and Goal that I have to be CEO in 6 months or in one year then this is not Achievable because 10 to 15 years experience in becoming a CEO in a big company needed. Meaning our Goal should also be Achievable.


RELEVANT means that our goal should be our Atmosphere, Purpose of Life, people related to us, match our quality or merit, do not be contradictory. Suppose I was studying account and I made a Goal of being a Scientist or I made a Goal that I have to go for a 1 hour gym every day but due to work always have to stay out for 5 days in the week then how will it be fulfilled? That is, whatever goals we make, it should be relevant from our life.



Setting our entire Goal without Time Bound is useless if we do not set a time limit then we will neither be able to review nor will there be excitement within us. Suppose I have a goal that I live in a rented house and I have to take a home but there is no time limit then this is an incomplete and rough goal because this goal does not give me motivation. When money remains, I will take home. But how long? Do not know. Its the world that I made a goal that I have to take my house till June 2018, then I will plan accordingly, I will save and will earn my earnings and this goal will motivate me repeatedly. Therefore Time Bound is the most important in SMART Goal.