Glossary of Important Terms of Modicare Business


PV : Point Value is a unit amount assigned to each product. The total PV associated with your monthly sales volume is tracked to determine your performance bonus level %.

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BV : Business Volume is the value the Company assigns to each product and is used to calculate the Consultants’ bonus and status for any particular month. Currently the PV BV ratio is 1: 25 and is subject to change by the company from time to time.

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PBV : Personal Business Volume. This is the sum total of BV of all products bought by you personally in any particular month.

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PGBV : Personal Group Business Volume, is the business volume of your entire group & does not include the business volume of qualified Director group/groups. PGBV includes your personal business volume.

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GBV : Group Business Volume, is business volume generated by your entire group in any particular month and includes your personal business volume.

Cumm BV : Cumulative Business Volume, is Business volumes accumulated by your group.

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Downline: Those people directly sponsored by an Independent Consultant, plus the people sponsored by these Independent consultant and so on.

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Leg: Each personally sponsored Independent Consultant on your first level is part of your total Downline and is a separate “leg.” You and your entire organization (Downline) are one “leg” to your sponsor.

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Level: The people you personally sponsor are your first level. The ones they sponsor are your second level. The ones your second level sponsors are your third level, etc.

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Qualified Director: A consultant can become a director through the accumulation of the GBV over a period of time. However for him/her to be qualified director in any given calendar month, he/she has to do the required PGBV. Monthly bonuses for Director require the Director to be qualified for the same. For all titles, monthly payouts will be determined basis “Qualified” directors in the team.

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Generation- Director Bonus: The first Qualified Director or above in your enrolment legs will be your first Generation and so on

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Generation- LPB: The first Qualified Senior Director or above in your enrolment legs will be your first Generation and so on

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