Future of Network Marketing in India


Network Marketing is the business of the future. You may feel strange to hear but these rumors are coming very soon in front of you. There is 100% truth in this matter. Network Marketing is growing rapidly all over the world. And as long as people live in the world, this business will continue.

Somebody said this business is a business of making fools, some consider it to be the work of outsiders, and some consider it to be waste of time. I do not blame anyone in this. Its just a simple reason, Right Marketing is not able to reach people right now.

There are some things in the world which are not easily understood by people. For example “Today we do not know how many people are chatting on Facebook. And no money was taken from us, yet in the case of earnings, the name of Facebook comes in top 10 websites. “Many people will not even understand that Facebook will either earn or if anyone knows, they don’t know its reason how and where income comes from.

First of all, it is important to understand how any industry is formed and how it is moving. If you understand this thing then you will not need to go too deep. First of all, it is very important to know how any industry will be formed.


Every industry in the world has to go through 4 steps, and those phases are mentioned below:

  • Negative Phase
  • Positive Phase
  • Growth Phase
  • Normal Phase

Now understand them in a little detail.

1. Negative Phase
Every industry begins with negative phase, it is a time when a new business model comes on the market but people do not understand. And they deny it. There is a question in mind that there is a new thing. Do not know what to do. For example: “In the beginning, when banking was started, people did not have any trust in the bank. They thought the bank could run away with our money. They used to keep their money at home safe. ”

“The insurance sector was ignored by people as soon as they came because there was a lack of trust. And the reason was justified. How long could anyone believe unless someone took advantage of getting insurance?

There are many more examples like IT industry, Telecom sector, Online Shopping and many more. There are many such instances that people said “no” when they came.

2. Positive Phase
This is the time when people start to trust in the industry. Now people start accepting that business model. Their attitude seems to be positive. The biggest reason for this is to see the result. When the results begin in front of people, the trust of the people begins to grow automatically. And the same people start showing interest in those who were previously ignoring it.

People on the bank would have been trusted when a relative, friend or neighbor would have kept the money in the bank and they would have got interest along with security as well. The value of insurance will be ascertained when a friend’s family gets insurance money after the accident.

3. Growth Phase
Once the trust is done in an industry then the growth of that industry is very fast and very much. Now there is no need to tell or explain much about the industry. This is the time when people want to invest or work in that industry. The result is that the business starts to grow at its full speed. Maximum people start work after coming into the growth phase of the industry.

4. Competition Phase
This is a time when competition in that industry increases very much. Now maximum people start working in the industry by seeing the growth of the industry. All people start competing with one another for earning more profit.

Today there is competition in maximum sectors. Whether there are banks, insurance sector, telecom or online shopping, competition has started everywhere.

Which is the right time to choose industry?

If I talk about my opinion, then I agree with the right time is the negative phase of working in any industry. Because this is the time when there are not many people who compete with you and the scope of growth is also very high. When an industry is in a negative zone and everyone is denying it, then once you try to understand this sector deeply. It is worth taking any decision by researching the progress ahead of it.

Someone entered the negative phase in an industry and began to work and after a time when the industry got good growth, then how successful would that person be? It’s not hard to understand.

Why Network Marketing Business ??

Network marketing business is in the negative phase right now. Even then there are some reasons for doing this work –
Despite being in Negative Phase, this business has created many successful millionaires.

Present and future of Network Marketing

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has acknowledged network marketing as a big industry in India in the coming days. If you talk about FICCI’s report now, the size of Network Marketing / Direct Selling industry is estimated at Rs. 7000 crores.

In the last 5 years, 20% growth rate has led to direct sales business growth in India and considering this situation, according to FICCI, direct sales will become a business of 645 billion rupees by 2025.
Develop countries like America, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore etc. have adopted this industry to a great extent and people are also very aware of this industries.


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