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Finolex Cables Price List 2018 – Electrical Wires & Product Revised After GST

Find complete and updated Finolex Cables Price list 2018. Here you can check latest price electrical wires like 1100 volt PVC insulated cables, motor winding PVC insulated cables and three core flat cables, automotive/battery cables, UPS cables, heavy duty, underground, low voltage, power and control cables, and heavy duty, underground, high voltage, power cables.

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Finolex Cables Ltd is an Indian company which manufactures electrical and telecommunication cables. They are one of the largest and leading producer of electrical and telecommunication cables. The company was established in 1958 with the manufacture of PVC insulated electrical cables for the automobile industry. Since then company continuously grows the range of products along with the highest quality and better performance. The Company is also manufacturing lighting products, electrical accessories, switchgear, fans and water heaters.

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The company is IS/ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and IS/ISO 14001 -Environmental Management Systems Certified. There are a huge number of Finolex Cables available in the market. We are listing the price list of all Finolex cables:


Fire Resistant (FR) – cables are designed to maintain circuit integrity of those vital emergency services during the fire. Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) – FRLS cables are now preferred over the FR cables in residential and commercial buildings due to reduced smoke generation. FRLS cables have enhanced properties of PVC insulation to reduce the toxic smoke.


Due to the specially formulated grade of Flame Retardant (FR) compound used, the performance of these cables in a fire situation is exceptionally good. The wire insulation does not burn readily, nor does it melt or drip.





Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC compound ensures low smoke emission compared to ordinary wires with PVC coating. They are less toxic in nature and emit considerably low amount of corrosive fumes. In short, they perform tasks as fire retardants.




2) Telephone Wires (0.5mm)

Telephone cables may be a try of copper wires runs from a box at the road to a box (often referred to as associate entrance bridge) at your house. From there, the try of wires is connected to every jack in your house.

Along the road runs a thick cable packed with one hundred or a lot of copper pairs. reckoning on wherever you’re settled, this thick cable can run on to the phone company’s switch in your space or it’ll run to a box regarding the scale of a icebox that acts as a digital concentrator. All sizes of phonephone cables ar obtainable from a pair of pairs to sixty pairs.


Telephone Wires


3) CCTV Cable

CCTV Camera Pros provides every type of cable that you will need for a professional security camera system installation. These cables are specifically designed to transmit complete video frequency with minimum distortion or attenuation for security and surveillance. This cable is offered in two variants viz., 4+1 and 3+1 CCTV Camera cable.


CCTV Cable


4) Co-Axial Cable (T.V.Cable)

coaxial cables function as transmission lines, conducting alternating currents of radio frequency signals. With superior transmission and reception capabilities, coaxial cables are commonly used for broadband Ethernet, cable television, and commercial radio.


Co-Axial Cable


5) LAN cables (Computer Networking Cables)

Networking cables are networking hardware used to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect two or more computers to share printers, scanners etc


LAN cables


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6) Speaker cable 100 mtr.

Speaker cable is the wire used for the electrical connections between speakers and amplifier sources. It has three key electrical properties: resistance, capacitance and inductance. Resistance is by far the most important property to look at. Low-resistance wire allows more of the source’s power through to the speaker coil, meaning more power and more sound. Simple enough.




7. FINOLEX Flexible Cable

Flexible Cable is a cable that possesses flexibility for challenging cable positioning. Alpha Wire defines “flexibility” as “that quality of a cable or cable component which allows for bending under the influence of outside force.


FINOLEX flexible cable


FINOLEX flexible cable


FINOLEX flexible cable



Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation. A solar cable interconnects solar panels and other electrical components in the photovoltaic system.




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