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Eye Care Tips and some easy eye exercises

To strengthen the muscles of the eyes and remove the tension of the eyes, let’s know some simple eye exercises and few natural eye care tips.This strengthens the muscles of the eyes and fixes any problems related to the eyes.

In the beautiful faces of everyone, the center of major attraction is their beautiful eyes. Clean eyes, like the skin, also recognize the good health. The key needs of beautiful healthy eyes – fine food and proper care of eyes. Sometimes people complain that everyone has tension in the eyes, one of the main reasons for this is to work in the insufficient light. The second reason is that reading and watching books and TV very close together. We should read what we read at least 10 inches away from our eyes.

It is said that after the Second World War, the Belgian physician felt that the farmers of that area were startling in a strange way. Because they were not getting fresh items in the winter season, they were getting no benefit from medicines.

Then the spring season came and the farmers went on eating green buds and stems, their night blindness disappeared. So this proves that keeping all the organs in the body healthy requires proper eating.

Vitamin-A is the main vitamin for eyes, which is a regular diet. It is found in butter, salad, tomato, cheese, milk, turnips and carrot juice. All these things have a miraculous effect on the eyes of sluggish and fatigued ones.

If your eyes are red and get noticed and you have experience of dark brown sand, then it is due to lack of vitamin B-12 (Riboflavin). Vitamin B12 is found in ample in yeast, leafy green vegetables, milk, egg, and fish.

It is also necessary to do some light exercises daily for good health of the eyes. This strengthens the muscles of the eyes and fixes any problems related to the eyes. Due to decreasing tension in the eyes, the eyes surrounding the eyes and the eyes surrounding the eyes begin to disappear.

Some simple eye exercises

To strengthen the muscles of the eyes and to remove the strain of eyes, let’s know some simple eye exercises

  • First you sit directly at the chair and then bring the left hand straight to your front and close the knot and keep the thumbs open directly, now focus your eyes on the thumb, and slowly move your arm to the left side and back to the same Take into account, keep in mind that do not move your head at all, just keep an eye on the speed of your eyes. Take this exercise from the left hand and then the right hand.
  • Sit straight and then rotate the head without turning on the head, then move the eyes up and down and then right from the left.
  • Move eyes slowly, first left then right side.

Eye Care Tips and some easy eye exercises

To give comfort to tense and tired eyes

  • You can do this exercise by sitting anywhere. First, close the eyes and make palms like cups and keep them slowly over the eyes. Turn off the lights, and take care of that, never press the Eye Ball.
  • Sit straight, move both palms on each other, move it without heading, both the shoulders first rotate the Clock-wise then anti-clockwise. This gives comfort to the eyes and the wrinkle caused by stress is less. This exercise rests under stress only in a few minutes.
  • Close the eyes and think fun things for a few seconds. Now open your eyes and look a long way for a few seconds. It gives comfort to the eyes and the muscles around them.

How to care the eyes?

Apart from nurturing the right way, sleeping is also very important for beautiful eyes. Every day we all need daily 7-8 Hours sleep for mental and physical health. Without which your eyes will become dull, swollen and red, and there will be black circles in your eyes.

A major cause of eye-related diseases is also stomach disorders. For this, drink lemon juice in the stomach warm water daily, drink it, it will keep your stomach free.

Let’s know some home remedies for eye care

  • Black circles can be cured even by stooling with potatoes. For this, you crush raw potato and keep it in your eyes for 10 minutes.
  • Keep the cucumber slices on the eyes to make tired, red eyes fresh.
  • To get rid of thin strips lying around the eyes, wet a cloth with cold water every morning and then keep it on your closed eyes for some time.
  • Regular massage of your eyes. Massage the eyes in the direction of the stripes. You can use coconut oil or sesame oil to massage.
  • If something goes wrong in the eyes, then pour a drop castor oil from Dropar, it will leave and get relief.
  • To fix the lining of the lid, add 5ml Vegetable Oil in the salad with daily dining.
  • If your eyes are swollen, then add 1 tsp salt in one cup hot water to remove the inflammation under the eyes. Then put the cotton in this solution soaked on your eyes till they become cold. After about 10 minutes wash it with cold water.
  • If your eyesight is weak then definitely wearing glasses. But not wearing unnecessary glasses for a long time, this will not bring relief to the eyes that muscles will not be comfortable. Apart from this, people who wear glasses should check their eyes every two years.

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