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Direct Selling On Top through entrepreneurship

Today, this part is changing the fashion of the people in a life filled, changing the way, and the market is changing rapidly. In today’s 21st century, the market of Direct Selling has emerged as revolutionary. But there is a big change coming from the market, which is slow. After which there is a plant born in a remote selling market of farsighted traders, which is called the representative of the market in this trade.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, 59 countries around the world are trading in this industry more than 178 billion dollars annually with this business. And this industry is currently representing more than 96 million people.

MLM through entrepreneurship

Almost all people know the name of direct selling or multi-level marketing, but it is hardly known that in the coming time, this industry is going to grow rapidly in the global market, due to which market marks will be completely reversed… It was born during the financial closure of the industry in the United States in 1930, which today, in nearly 87 years, this business has become a medium of income.

Along with this, according to the National Sales Force Survey of the United States Direct Selling Association in the last year 2014, the business of changing the lives of nearly 1.82 crore people in the US has increased by 8.3 percent last year, keeping in view the market conditions. Is great. About 1.4 million women are doing entrepreneurship through multi-level marketing and about 60 million people are supporting this industry to meet their domestic needs.

There are a number of computer consultants, doctors and engineers on the jobs of NASA scientists, president and vice president of international banks, and course packages in the United States, who are the creators of many major multi-level marketing companies in the world, Has left the industry.

Direct Selling Turns To Rs 64,500 Crore By ‘2025’

According to the report of PMG and FICCI, India should indicate the change in the direct selling market and its growth. According to this report, by the year 2025, the market size of the direct selling sector can increase up to nine times to reach Rs 64,500 crore from the present time. Direct selling is providing better business opportunities for domestic women and entrepreneurs.
The market size of this sector was Rs 6,385 crore in 2011.12.

According to the Association, the market size of direct selling can be up to Rs 34,000 crore by 2019-20. Direct Selling is emerging as the best business option for new entrepreneurs and domestic women and it will provide direct indirect employment to crores of people.

1 crore women will get jobs in Direct Selling

By 2025, this sector will give 50 million women, due to the ease of business, there are better business opportunities for women with a few thousand rupees in this investment. In addition, this sector of Nine Retail formats is offering employment to 18 million people.

According to the Direct Selling Report, the scope of Direct Selling is increasing.
It has also been said in the report that by 2025, the government could get revenue of about 9000 crores from this sector. It will be nine times higher than the present time.