Coromandel cement price List 2019- Today cost per Bag – PPC/OPC

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Find the latest price of all types of Coromandel cement in your region. Checkout latest and complete Coromandel Cement Price List in India, cement type and price of the bag. We list all Coromandel cement price after GST, their packing type and packing weight.

Coromandel is a brand with rationale value offering reassurance for the strength and durability of cement and provides value for money. A brand most popular in all the metros! Trusted by all, it’s a favourite brand of Engineers & Architects.

See latest Coromandel Cement Prices in India per bag

Coromandel Cement Price – PPC/OPC

Cement NameWeightPriceMaterial Type
Coromandel King Cement50kg380 Rs.OPC Cement
Coromandel King Cement50kg283 Rs.PPC Cement
Coromandel Cement OPC 53 Grade50kg235 Rs.PPC Cement

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