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Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder Benefits, Dosage and Reviews

In this article, we will discuss one of the best product Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder Benefits, dosage, and precautions. Nutrilite Protein Powder made from the blend of two protein-rich natural sources -Soy + Milk. It provides all 9 essential amino acids which are the basic building block of building muscles and cells. It is easy to digest and provide the high amount of protein which is made with quality protein sources (Soy & Milk). It also provides calcium and iron which are very important for our health.

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As we all know, the protein is good for our health, if someone wants to be healthy, then it is necessary to take adequate amounts of protein on our daily basis. It also helps you deal with some diseases. Both doctors and gym instructors often recommend protein supplements for their patients for strength and fitness.

Protein strengthens the muscles and immune system and 18-20% of our body are due to protein. Not only this, protein keeps the heart and lung tissues healthy too. Protein is essential for the body to function smoothly and exits toxin from the body. The role of proteins is also important in maintaining the pH levels of the body, improving the mood and reducing stress.

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What is Protein?

Protein is composed of the Greek word ‘Protease’. Which literally means “take the first place”. Protein was first discovered in 1838 by a Dutch resident named Muldar, a chemical chemist. In his research, he found that the cells of all creatures and tissues are made of protein. He described them by implants complex nitrogen-containing substances and named them “protein”. Thus Muldar discovered and nurtured the protein.

Protein is an important element in all the elements present in the body. On the basis of quantity (excess) in the body, it is found that after water, the protein comes in place. That means if the amount of water in the body is in the first place then the protein is fixed in the second place. However, carbohydrates and fat are needed for various functions in the body. We get energy from carbohydrates and fats but if we look at the structure, it is not the main ingredient in the formation of functional tissues, but most of the muscles and fibers in the body have protein in the main part.

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Why is Protein necessary?

As you all know that protein is the most important requirement of our body. If you do not take protein then your body will not be able to grow properly. The most important thing is that every chemical process in our body requires protein. It can either weaken you, or you may be fat, or you may have diabetes, your body length may also decrease, you may also have a thyroid problem, apart from this, you may have many such problems There will be diseases which you will not be able to guess if this is due to lack of protein.

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Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder

Nutrilite protein powder provides you with a complementary protein that is purely vegetarian. This is a great option for non-vegetarian people. There is no artificial material in it, so you do not have to worry about any stabilizers or other harmful chemicals. By drinking it you get the natural taste of organic protein. Generally, pregnant women, who are underweight children, are advised to eat Nutrilite protein powder and other bodybuilders. You can get 360 Kcal energy, 80g protein, 3g fat, 700mg calcium, 5g carbohydrates, and 10 mg iron per 100 grams of it.

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Ingredients of Nutrilite Protein Powder

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 1 provided scoop (10g approx.)
Approximate composition per serving (10 g)
Protein: 8.0 g
Carbohydrate:0.5 g
Fat:0.3 g
Calcium:70 mg
Iron:1 mg
Essential Amino Acids per serving:
Isoleucine:408 mg
Leucine:696 mg
Lysine:544 mg
Methionine(& Cysteine):224 mg
Phenylalanine (& Tyrosine):752 mg
Threonine:320 mg
Tryptophan:104 mg
Valine:432 mg
Histidine:216 mg


Benefits of Nutrilite Protein Powder

For Diabetics

Due to lack of insulin and high blood sugar, type-2 diabetes becomes. Protein helps to reduce blood glucose and increase insulin. Therefore, these proteins are considered good for Type II diabetes patients. Protein is more beneficial than eggs and fish. The beneficial benefits of protein in diabetes are also used. Before taking a high-carbohydrate meal, protein intake is beneficial for diabetics.

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For Weight Loss

Protein weight is an effective way of working. Because the diet that contains proteins, it requires more calories to digest. The excess fat does not accumulate in the body and there is no obesity in the body. At the same time, there is no appetite for food from this type of food, without taking any extra diet and oily snack, fast food also does not cause obesity and the weight is controlled.

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Reduces the risk of asthma

It is not only for the elderly but also for the children. Whey protein protects the children’s immune system and fights with asthma. According to the research, children who are suffering from asthma, if they take the Nutrilite powder, then you will get good results.

Anti-cancer properties

Whey protein has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer. By giving regular proteins to a person suffering from cancer, he feels relief from his illness. There are anti-cancer properties in proteins because doctors recommend that cancer patients get protein.

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Repair and Maintenance

Protein is essential for the complete health and working of the human body in the right way. The proteins help a lot in the construction and repair of the body. Protein is called the Building Block of the body because the proteins are very important in the maintenance and construction of body tissue. Proteins are very helpful in making our organ, muscles, skin, hair, nails, bones and some hormones. Therefore, growing children need a higher amount of protein than adults.

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Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the biggest cause of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have found that eating dairy products do not have the problem of increasing blood pressure. Protein is very beneficial in reducing blood pressure. A study has found that by consuming protein at least 22 grams per day for 6 weeks, the condition of blood pressure is cured. There are bioactive peptides in proteins called lactocinins and it works as a medicine to reduce hypertension.

Protein Powder Reduces Stress

According to experts, wheat protein reduces depression and mental stress and keeps the mood light. By drinking protein, the secretion of serotonin called hormone from the brain, it reduces stress. Enhances disease resistance.

Protein increases the immune system, so avoid the normal diet and include the protein in the diet, in which the amount of protein is high, it has many health benefits.


As long as you keep taking protein in a balanced quantity; you will not get any damage. Because we all know that this is our need. Yes, but it is important to know some things before taking any product.

Whenever you start the protein, check the amount of protein present in the body before you start it, then take the protein powder after that.

If your doctor refused to take the protein for any reason, then you should not take it.

If you feel a physical lack of protein powder after mine, then you should close it and ask the doctor for advice.


Serving size: 1 provided scoop (10g approx.)

1. Keep container tightly closed.

2. Store in a cool dry place not suitable for infants.

3. People suffering from any medical conditions are recommended to consult their doctor.

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