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Altos Business(Marketing) plan – Multi level marketing

Check Altos Business and Marketing plan 2018Multi level marketing.
Healthy living and caring for the people is the perception of ALTOS from the year 2000. Altos begins with one man and an ambitious dreamer. Altos started its journey with a business idea that it would bring together the biggest goals Better health and financial freedom .

Altos gives you an opportunity to explore the market and formulate effective business strategy through a variety of high quality products at an economical price, which includes Herbal Medicines, Aroma Care, Skin Treatment, Hair Care, FMCG and Agriculture Aid. .

Our marketing system is designed in such a way that you can earn high incentive while working in your daily routine. Our heavy range of high quality products manufactured with the experience of about 25 years in health sector is the key source of our success. Altos is always involved in curing health problems and skin treatment (with the help of distributors) to create and maintain healthy lifestyle. It’s a life changing opportunity to fulfill you long cherished desires and dreams. The aim of the company is to help people to achieve happier and healthier life.

Altos India is India’s leading Direct Selling Company with 150 products & above in the basket. These daily use products can help you to achieve higher incentives. We believe that “Thinking together is a beginning, Staying together is a Progress and Working together is a Success” We emphasis on role of awareness and information about the product and the marketing system. Therefore, when a blend of high quality product and simple direct selling system comes together makes a solid platform to achieve heights and tremendous results. .

Our thirty years experience in Pharma has designed the work culture and business environment which will lead you to remarkable growth. Our inspiration to become India’s leading company in direct selling industry is very clear. We focus on distributors interaction with the company and making efforts to assist them in best possible way. Our management is committed with delivering 100% service to our distributors. Our management is encouraged, aggressive and idealistc to achieve vision and mission designed by the company. .

Our R&D department is continuously working for betterment of our product quality and launching new high quality products every year. In the past years Altos has scaled dynamic growth in all horizons of India. Your desire, commitment and positive attitude blended with our experience and business principles will definitely take us together to the height of success and growth for our secured future.

Brief About Altos

Altos Enterprises Ltd. incorporated under companies act 1956 Govt. of India. Altos started its operations in April 2000. Altos has its head office in Ludhiana (Punjab) and spreaded all over India through super zones and centers. Altos has made its presence in almost every state of India through centers. Altos has around more than 6000 centers running successfully all over India.

The company holds the key for achieving organizational goals which helps in determining the needs and wants to target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than the competitors. Our customer retention of 99.98% is proof of our commitment to our business and our service standards.

Through our ambitious expansion, strategic diversification and acquisition programmes, we system to become more successful within the next decade. Through commitment to serving others and living by developing characters and competence, everyone can develop attributes. While our aim remains to be the best in what we do, we stand committed to our mission of securing our customers tomorrow – today.

High quality products, simple direct selling system, strong vision, dynamic mission and great commitment arethe main tools of Altos.

Altos was started with just 7 products. Today we have around 150 & above products covering all categories such as Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Hair Care and Agriculture Aid. Altos high quality products have helped to cure many health problems such as Arthritis, Cardio Problems, Gastrointestinal Problems, Joint Pain, Diabetes, Acne, Blemishes, Hair Problems, Skin Problems, Sexual Problems and Signs of Ageing. Today, mostly all health problems are cured by Altos products. Product feedback is our biggest achievement received from lakhs of satisfied distributors.

Altos have brought economic revolution in the society through its marketing system to earn while working and sharing. We believe that “thinking together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”. It is an opportunity with great earning potential while working in your daily routine spare time. We sincerely believe that it can change your life for the better by helping you to fulfill your long cherished desires and dreams and makes you financially free in the shortest possible span of life. The aim & vision of the company is that together we can help people to achieve happier, healthier lives, attain personal freedom and make you in charge of your time, income and dreams.

Altos organises leadership Development Programme, Success Celebration Programme and Product Training for our distributors. These programmes help to get more knowledge and experience about the company.Altos has witnessed the transformation of many ordinary distributors into powerful speakers and successful entrepreneurs.

4 Pillars of Success



Altos Business – Why Choose Altos?

1. 17 years of working experience in direct selling.

2. Proud member of Indian Direct Selling Association(IDSA).

3. Range of around 150 & above high quality products.90% products are manufactured by its own manufacturing unit. (Abhisheik Pharmaceuticals,a GMP certified company).

4. High quality products are available to distributors at a very reasonable & affordable price.

5. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

6. Simple and effective direct selling system.

7. A great business opportunity which changed lives of many people.

8. Professional, Dedicated and Experienced distributors.

9. Altos management is wise and helpful to provide 100% service to its distributors.

10. Tested & quality education system

11. Altos products come with 100% satisfaction & product return policy.



Our Mission

1. To make each family – Healthy & Wealthy

Our Vision

1. To be the leading company in direct selling industry.

2. To reach the level of 2000 crores by 2020.

3. To make consumption of Altos Products in every house of India.

4. To supply High quality products at affordable prices in India.

World of opportunities

Altos Marketing system helps to give incentive & rewards on your hard work & effort. Fill up an application form at www.altosindia.net and submit passport size photo, ID proof & Address proof or upload them in Altos website. Your first step to earn retail profit has begin.



There’s always a great margin in every Altos products from MRP.


You are enrolled in Altos business, if you buy Altos Products of Rs10000 at D.P for personal use. Then you have an opportunity to earn profit upto Rs 5000.


If you purchase Altos Tulsi power, then you will earn retail profit.


Also gives offers on many products which help to gain extra benefit on retail profit

Altos monthly-offer


When a Distributor makes a Personal Purchase on his/her ID, then he/she will get incentive according to the following percentage level.


You can start business by opening as many groups as you want.Your stronger group will be considered power with higher BV and BV in all other legs will be added up to calculate your royalty. Moreover your personal purchase will be counted to your weaker group exclusively. When your any two active legs reach level according to the table, then you will get incentive on your group BV.

Altos Executive Carry Forward Business


* BV will be carried forward from Champion level only.

* BV from weaker side will be carried forward exclusively.

* Carried forward BV will be adjusted in weaker leg only.

* Personal purchase will be counted to your weaker group from champion & above level only.

Altos-Executive-Carry-Forward-Business first month

** If in any case, a distributor fails to make a personal purchase.The incentive earned in that month is carried forward and released in the month when distributor makes a personal purchase.


Referral Income refers to income on achievement of your grow line. When your grow line achieve level, then you will earn referral points according to his/her level. These points will be converted into incentive.




– Referral Income is Given to those distributors who have updated levels of their grow line in any leg.

– To get Referral income your ID No. should be updated in spill ID or Refer ID of your grow line.

– To get Referral Income your ID must be updated with higher level than the grow line level.

– To get Referral Income Your points should be in ratio of 1 : 5 (minimum).

– Power weaker rule will also be applied on this income.

– Points achieved will be shown in real time in your login panel.

– Personal Purchase is mandatory.

** Power weaker rule refers to adding of all points in weaker leg. Your leg with highest points will be considered as your power leg.

altos eligibility for funds
altos eligibility for funds


When you reach emerald level, then your whole business will be accumulated to reach next level. Accumulated business volume will help to maintain next level.

Altos leadeship incentive


* Minimum level of Emerald is required.

* No product coupon is issued for emerald and above leaders.

* Business Marketing fund of Rs. 5000 will be given to Emerald and above leaders to do marketing of company and its products.

* Accumulated BV will help to achieve next foremost level exclusively.

Altos leadeship incentive


  • To get accumulation benefit ,You have to achieve Minimum Royal Crown in current month.
  • Accumulation business will help to get Royalty of Double Royal Crown and above levels on your current month business after achieving royal crown in current month
  • Accumulation business will be counted for 12 months from the month you have achieved Royal Crown
  • Your total business after becoming Royal Crown will be accumulated Irrespective of level achieved by you in current month.

Altos Royal Crown Accumulation


PV Income can be generated on purchase of products with PV points.PV income is given to those Distributor who achieve level according to the PV Table.

Altos-PV-points incentives



Altos Provides travel fund to Emerald and above distributors. Company will collect 1.5% company’s month total B.V. for International tour every year. Leader has to collect 40 points in all to qualify for international tour within financial year i.e April1 to March 31. Terms & Conditions apply.

Altos International Fund


1. Travel Fund will be used for international tour announced by company only.

2. Travel Fund will be exclusively for couple.

3. Tour will be announced in April month, after financial year closing of previous year.

4. Previous Tour achievers has to maintain next higher level for minimum 3 months in next Financial year then average old level.

5. Points will be calculated on current month business only.


Altos provides lifetime income to the distributor who will achieve Universal Crown Ambassador once in his/her life.

Once your universal crown ambassador level is achieved, you will achieve additional income of company’s turnover irrespective of your level in future. This income will be equally divided among distributors who will touch universal crown ambassador level just once in their life.

ALTOS Policy


In case of any issue, the distributor may return/exchange the product to the company (any of the company’s office) within 30 days from date of purchase. They have to provide a reason for return Along with invoice copy. We will be happy to serve you better.


Altos gives High quality products to each and every customer. Company gives 100% guarantee regarding replacement of inferior quality or any manufacturing effect. Those our guarantee does not involves expiry, damage, negligence or deliberate act.

* Product Return From
* Copy of Invoice
* Reason for Return
* Products to be Returned


A cooling off period gives of opportunity to change your mind about a product. Altos gives you opportunity to returns products that has been in condition, usable, not expired, resalable, up opened or Unaltered. The invoice of the product should be within 30 days. The amount will be refunded after deducting tax or bonus paid by company on the price. Cooling off period is design to save distributors rights.


1. Altos feels pleasure that you make up your mind and agree to become a self employed and independent Distributor to sell its products to consumers by using its sales and direct marketing system. You are not an employee representative of Altos nor a partnership is created between the parties of this Agreement, therefore you have no authority to bind the company in any contract with other parties. All sales to you shall be on Principle-To-Principle basis.

2. You will comply with all central, state, local laws, taxes and licenses etc. applying from time to time as imposed by the government to your /their sales & direct marketing business. You must present the products in truthful and honest manner and make only those claims as per labels of products and can not sell the products for a price exceeding the maximum retail price.

3. As an independent distributor you can purchase the products at the Distributor price from the company and agree to pay fully all transactions without need of demand for it. In addition, only you will get commission Bonus, Royalty on business value of current month. The company may change its commission Bonus / Royalty system at any time and in anyway as well as its Terms & Conditions set out in Altos System without any notice.

4. You are an independent person, have sole authority to make judgments, systems where & how the products to be sell, avail all its earnings applicable as per Altos System and after you, your nominee will be eligible to get all the earnings if he/she continues to work for the company.

5. This Agreement and Appointment Letter re-enforces and qualities the Terms and Conditions set forth in Altos System is entered into a personal basis and may not be assigned or transferred by the Distributor to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company on some genuine cases.

6. You/We agree to abide by the said Rules of Business including Amendments therein to be published or noticed to you / us by the Company from time to time.

7. Either of us may terminate this Agreement and Appointment Letter at will in case of you / us breaching any stipulation in Altos System / Rules and Regulations without entering into legal proceedings to require, such termination. In case of termination of a distributor, the bv earned from the downline thereafter shall be transferred to the account of the company.

8. You agree that Altos may reject this Application for Registration due to any reason at its discretion, including if the Application Form contains incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information, any alteration or modification will be subject to verification.

9. To purchase products as a Distributor one should send payment by Bank Draft / Pay Order / Money Order payable at Ludhiana or in Cash at Company Regd. Office.

10.This Agreement and Undertaking including the distributor Application form should be fully complete and accepted by the applicant(s). In case of sole proprietorship or partnership concerns, Distributor Application Form will be accepted by, the authorized concerned person. After Registration Company, will issue an Altos Distributor Number for the identification. Altos have all rights to reject any application for registration.

11.All disputes subject to exclusive Ludhiana Jurisdiction only.


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